How to choose the LED lights for different types horse arena?

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According to the different use, scale, environment and conditions of horses. In the beginning, we divided the horse arena into free-range professional, club competition and other forms. With the development of modern horse industry, there are training and education, racing, comprehensive horse arena and horse school etc.
It is not a easy task to find the suitable outdoor and indoor horse stadium because of the strictly requirement. Mecree Led provide 100-5000w Led lights with anti-shock, anti-glare, no flickering, low light decay, waterproof and dust-proof, bright and long lifespan for each of your horse arena. Because of our high light efficiency 160lm/w, which is 200 to 300% higher than traditional lamp such as metal halide or halogen.

Why choose the Horse Arena Lights?

Some customer afraid the light will upset frighten the horse, we need to find the proper Led horse arena lights to light up the special arena and make the comfortable environment.

1.Using the brighter Led horse arena lights ensures better safety

Led horse arena lights are more competitive than traditional lamp. Because it can keep all your facilities be safe under the brighter circumstances. Mecree led can not only make your horse happy but also can increase the rider’s riding time to make more income for you.

2.Horse arena lights save more energy

Mecree led keep at lest 95% energy converted into lighting. While for other lights, only 20% became lighting, the rest of 70% became thermal energy. Therefore, Led replacement can save about 75% energy and cut down the electricity bill greatly.

3.Led lights with Flicker-free for horse racing

When the horse is arriving the finish line, it must be a very exciting moment. But if the led horse racing lights with flickering, it will affect the high-speed camera to capture the slow motion and right time, and greatly reduce the quality of the competition and the enjoyable.
MECREE Led with flicker-free to help catch the slow motion, you don’t need to prepare the time for turn on or turn off. Jut pls enjoy the horse racing.

4.Led lights with low glare, low light decay for jump arena

For horse arena lights, we are mainly focus on the lighting effect. We use advanced optical technology, PC material, to keep the light with low glare, low light decay <5% ( In 5 years). Pls don’t choose the light with high light decay, it will cost you more to change the lights in each month.

Horse arena lighting design

After you finish the construction of horse arena, we may worry about how many watts and lights you need to install? How to arrange the location? Don’t worry, Mecree Led will do the lighting design for you.

1.What’s the lux level is proper?

How many lux you need for your horse arena? For training application, it will need about 200-300lux. If the area is 100 square meters, you will need 100*250=25000lumen. Mecree Led is 160lm/w, That’s is to say 25000/160=160w is enough.
If your light pole is high and the lighting area is large, we need to consider the high wattage. The calculation is just for your reference, for more details pls contact with us.

2.The limitation of the weight for lights

For indoor horse arena, we need to consider the height of the ceiling and the location, because of the limitation weight of ceiling. Mecree led mainly do the lighting project, considering all the factors. So our lights are relatively-light weight, ensuring the the safety.

3.Consider the dimming model

To save the energy when in day time, you can consider the dimming model for your horse stadium. We have 0-10V, 1-10V, DMX, DALI dimming models, you can easily change the brightness.

4.Lifespan of the lights

There is so many lights with cheaper price, but after several month even one month, you need to change and maintain it. The total cost will be at least 5 times than buy Led lights. Mecree Led with long lifespan>80000hrs, you can use for at least 27 years if you light up 8hrs each day.
To ensure the long lifespan, the heat sink is the most important factor. Our patent and advanced cooling system, keep the junction temperature<65℃. Pls check the following pictures of temperature testing.

Importance of bright the indoor horse arena

The use of right Led horse arena lights, it will bring many benefits. If there are many horses in your large area, the lighting is necessary for not be sharp to affect or hurt the horses, plus the low that the animals’ vision is not clear.
We need to care the health of horses, and this includes offering the good lighting environment. If there is high quality lights, you don’t need to worry about the problem of animal irritating, when you do all routine checkups, it will be more easier because of you don’t need to take the animal to a different location.

If you need to create a perfect horse arena lighting environment. Pls send emails to for more details.
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