What certificate is the most authoritative in Europe?

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Do you want to know how to keep LED lights maintenance cost be minimized?
Do you want to have high lumen output, super brightness high power LED sports lights?
Do you want to know how much you will save if using our lights?
Are you still worry about not finding a good quality, long life stadium light?
Do you want to do the best lighting design for your project?
Do you want to know what lights are used in the World Cup football field lighting project?
China’s LED flood lights are sold all over the world, and only when they get certification from all places can they be allowed to sell. Let’s take a look at the main certification in Europe.
TÜV certification
tuv certificate mecree floodlight
People and companies around the globe have placed their trust in the TÜV Rheinland Group since 1872. We use new ideas, expertise and a strong global network to contribute to the further development of products, services, systems and people and make them more competitive. In so doing, we are working towards a future that can fulfil the needs of both mankind and the environment in the long term. Advising, developing, promoting, examining and certifying- these services inspire our customers every day.
The points of the triangle symbolise the interaction between man, technology and the environment, while the wave represents a technical examination. For years, the logo has inspired trust, and is recognized around the world as a symbol of safety and quality tested by an independent and neutral organisation.
Technischer Überwachungsverein, also known as TUV, is issued by Technical Inspection Association, a non-governmental examination organization in Germany. TÜV is a safety certification mark custom-made for component products in Germany and is widely accepted in Germany and Europe. Enterprises can apply for a CB certificate when applying for the TÜV logo, thereby obtaining certificates from other countries through conversion. After the product has passed the certification, the German TÜV will forward to the rectifier machine factory of the qualified component supplier to recommend these products. In the whole machine certification process, all components that have obtained the TÜV logo can be exempted from inspection. MECREE got TÜV certification.
TÜV certification Evaluation Standards

1. Detailed description of the production requirements is named according to IEC61508: System (Safety) Requirements Specification (SRS)
2. Safety concept note: the content of safety concept can be included in product requirement specification.
3. Development and certification schedules
4. Hardware design file
5. Software design file
6. Structured drawings
7. Hardware verification test plan and hardware verification test results
8. Software verification test plan and software verification test results
9. Technical description, installation and operation manual

How to figure out the TÜV certification is true or false?
The website of querying TÜV:
(You can directly put the name of the company, product name and so on to query. Enter the company’s English name directly to find out which products the company has done, which model of TÜV certification, as well as the standards used for testing)
For example:
tuv floodlight led
Caution: Some other companies in the market pay for a certificate, or ps a fake one, and the product doesn’t pass verification.
If you don’t have this certificates or use fake one:
1.Impound or confiscate your products when in custom clearance
2.If you pass custom clearance, still few people trust this kind of products and with poor sales market.
3.In another way, it will affect your company’s reputation directly.
For the products passed TÜV certificates: the raw material cost of the product is 3-5 times that of the ordinary product, the regular factory inspection fee, the cost of manufacturing design and the seven-s standard employee training and so on, which all determine the stability and risk of the product.
MECREE’s LED flood lights meet TÜV certification standard. Our LED lighting fixtures has been sold to many countries in Europe and around the world. We not only got TÜV certification, we have gained good reputation too.
tuv certificate mecree flood light
Below three types model are MECREE’s main sport LED flood lights products with TÜV certification:

Model No: GL- SPL series LED flood lights
Material: Top 3 in market, USA CREE chip, Taiwan MeanWell drive. 160lm/w.
Heat sink: The most cooling area in Led market, junction temperature< 70℃.
If you would like to get the quotes or know more about the tips for LED Lighting Certificate, please feel free to contact us at email

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