What is Unique about Rugby Field Lighting?

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Does Light Belt Layout Provide New Ideas for Rugby Lighting?
Rugby Field Lighting Belt Layout
The light strip arrangement is another form of arrangement on both sides, that is, the lighting system is arranged in rows on the sides of the court to form a continuous light belt. The lighting of the light belt is uniform, and the brightness between the athlete and the stadium is relatively good. At present, it is recognized in the world that the lighting method can meet the requirements of color television broadcasting, high-definition television broadcasting and even ultra-high-definition television broadcasting.
The length of the light belt is generally not less than 180m for the Grade A and the Grand Football Stadium, and the projection angle of the led floodlights should not be less than 25°. Some football field light strips are close to the sideline of the venue (the angle is above 65°), and the side of the field closer to the light strip cannot get enough vertical illumination, which will increase the rear lighting system.
Rugby Field Lights
Rugby field lighting standard
The rugby field lighting has increased the area where the led floodlights cannot be arranged, which is intended to protect athletes and referees from the effects of glare. When there is a TV broadcast, the space within 15° angles on both sides of the bottom line; when there is no TV broadcast, the space within 10° angles on both sides of the bottom line.
In general, the optical strip layout uses a combination of several different beam angles for projection, a narrow beam for long shots and a medium beam for near projection. The disadvantage of the optical belt arrangement is that the technique for controlling glare is relatively strict, and the physical feeling of the object is slightly poor.
Rugby Field Lighting
Rugby field lighting options
The choice of led floodlights is also crucial for rugby competition. A few years ago, the rugby field lights were generally metal halide led floodlights, but in the process of use, the problems continued, causing considerable trouble for the rugby field! Frequent quality problems such as glare, spillage, and lamp heating have seriously affected the professional football game.
After that, the stadium has upgraded the rugby field lights and replaced the metal halide led floodlights with more advanced LED sports lights. In the field of rugby lighting, MECREE has a unique position. It is understood that MECREE is China’s leading LED sports lighting company providing foreign large-scale international sports events. Before that, they also as the lighting supplier of U20 Women’s World Cup in 2016!
industrial outdoor led flood lights
led flood fixture
MECREE’s led sports light are a new generation of green lighting systems that minimize light pollution to the surrounding environment, effectively prevent spillage and glare, minimize light exposure to the venue, protect the beautiful night sky, and provide rugby for athletes and spectators. Field lighting, creating a more comfortable competitive and viewing environment.

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