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Are You Still Worried About the LED Floodlights Without CB Certificate?
The CB Scheme
The Certification Body (CB) scheme is based on an international accord of the “Worldwide System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment,” IECEE. The IECEE agreement between participating national certification bodies, including TÜV Rheinland, ensures mutual recognition of audit results for electrical products. Notified bodies from 52 countries, including primary industrialized nations, are now affiliated with the CB scheme – it is considered as a basis for national certification in many EU countries, including those that are not yet official member states.
The aim is to reduce international trade barriers that arise from the need to meet different national certification or approval criteria. IECEE is the abbreviation of the International Electrotechnical Commission’s Electrical Product Qualification Testing and Certification Organization.
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CB Certification Development
Initially, the CB system was initiated by CEE (former European “National Committee for Eligibility Testing of Electrical Equipment”) and was incorporated into the IEC in 1985.
The IECEE CB system is the first truly international system for mutual recognition of electrical product safety test reports. Multilateral agreements are formed between national certification bodies (NCBs) in various countries, and manufacturers can obtain national certifications from other member states of the CB system by means of a CB test certificate issued by the NCB.
The CB system is based on international IEC standards. If the national standards of some member states are not fully consistent with the IEC standards, national differences are allowed, but they should be announced to other members. The CB system uses the CB test certificate to verify that the product sample has successfully passed the appropriate tests and complies with the relevant IEC requirements and the requirements of the Member State concerned.
The main goal of the CB system is to promote international trade by promoting the harmonization of national and international standards and the cooperation of product certification bodies, so that manufacturers are closer to the ideal “one test, multiple applicable” goals.
The TOBY Testing Center is the testing center for CB.
CB Listed LED Flood Lights
Mecree got CB certificates from TOBY for LED floodlights, led stadium flood light, LED sports light these three type LED lights. We need to send samples to CB laboratory, the test results of CB test certificate are qualified, and CCE will issue CB test certificate to applicants.
ce certificate mecree flood light
MECREE All LED stadium lights are strictly in accordance with CB requirements, because this is direct For the safety of the person, the certified product can guarantee the personal safety of the user. For the safety of the user, the consumer is willing to purchase the LED lights products with the certification and the certification mark.
The following is CB listed product:LED floodlights(GL-FL series), led stadium flood light(GL-SFL series), LED sports light(GL-SPL series).
Participating Countries Participating in the CB Scheme
Over 50 countries currently participate in the CB scheme and CB certification. From Europe (Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary) to Asia (Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Japan), Africa (Kenya, South Africa) and America (Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina), the CB certificate is your key to worldwide market entry.
Mecree LED floodlights are available for all the countries who participate in the CB scheme. Our led stadium lights also qualified by CE. CB, C-TICK, RoHs, SAA, FCC, ETL(Both in Canada and American), DLC, IP67 and so on.
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If you have any needs and support of LED floodlights, please send us email to [email protected], we will reply you within 24 hours.
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