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We provide baseball field lighting systems that are compatible with world class tournaments (for example, little and Major League Baseball), makes it easier than ever for stadiums of all sizes to enjoy Mecree’s famed quality and reliability.

Lighting is an essential part of the game — a good baseball field lighting system makes baseball games more lively and improves players’ performance. A good baseball field lighting system includes lighting design, light fixtures, structure and electrical components with higher lighting efficiency, combined with intelligent control systems, greater durability and unmatched levels of lighting control.

This page will give you a detailed introduction of the complete baseball field lighting system, we can provide you with a one-stop service of baseball field lighting.

Free Baseball field lighting design

We have professional engineers team that can offer the free international standard lighting layout, custom for each unique baseball field lighting project. Just need you offer the field detail information.

Free Baseball field lighting design

What we should know about the baseball field lighting design?

1.Baseball field lighting standard

1.Baseball field lighting standard

2. Lighting uniformity standard

Lighting uniformity standard

What is uniformity? It represents the ratio of minimum to maximum illumination in a baseball field, or the ratio of average to maximum illumination. The best lighting systems should be as uniform as possible to avoid undesired dark areas.The uniformity of the infield is 0.5 and the uniformity of the outfield is 0.4 (minimum to maximum ratio). As a result, we can see that the infield requires a higher standard.

Top quality baseball field light fixtures

Top quality baseball field light fixtures

MECREE push a professional round stadium lights and it is best choice for replacement of traditional stadium lamps (MVF024, MVH-401/403/406 Arena Vision, MVF408-CAT1-1800W, NHF003; THORN: Mundial) for baseball field lighting. MECREE GL-SPL series LED stadium lights design aims to solve the problems of slow start-up, high energy consumption, low power factor, high working temperature, light fading, short life, ultraviolet radiation, non-waterproof and difficult maintenance of traditional lamps.

Let’s know more details of the SPL series baseball field light fixtures.

1.80% Energy saving

We recommend to us our LED sport lights GL-SPL series for baseball field lighting because it uses 80% less energy than MH lamps. The installation of LED sport lights is practical and worthwhile, although it costs a bit more than MH lamps because of the high-end technology and patent design involved. But if you convert to our lights, the operating cost of stadium lights for some large stadiums can be saved up to $350,000 per year.

2.Higher light efficiency 2-3 times than common LED lights

2.Higher light efficiency 2-3 times than common LED lights

Our LED Sport lights with patent Optical Lens design and specially treatment for reflector, its light efficiency is 2-3 times higher than common LED lights. Accurately control the light beam to improve the utilization of light,while reducing sport field spillage.

According to the Everfine Spectral irradiance caculator, a common 1000W LED Light gets 60lux at the distance of 100M, while Mecree GL-SPL series 1000W gets 123lux at the same distance of 100M. Means that you only need to use half quantity lights to get same light effect and reduce half of the cost for you at the same time.

3.Anti-glare design

Anti-glare design

Glare can not only make athletes or spectators uncomfortable, affect performance, or even ruin an athlete. Especially for high power LED sport lights, if there is no special design on it, people may feel dazzled when looking at the lights. We have the patented anti-glare design to achieve the minimum glare value.

4.Excellent cooling system

Temperature is the biggest enemy of LED baseball field lights. Not only because it is related to the lifespan of the lamp, but more importantly, this will also greatly affect the light decay and illumination of the stadium lights. It is usually used with the die-cast aluminum without any special treatment on the lights of the market, even some lights don’t have cooling system. There are much possibility reducing 50% light after one year and you need some new lights. To solve this problem, we developed a patented cooling system, that make sure we can have ultra-low luminous decay <3% in 5 years and lifespan 34 years if we run 8 hours each day.

5.10 years warranty, No maintenance costs

We provide 10 years warranty for GL-SPL series. Its lifespan is more than 100,000 hours, meaning if you turn on 8 hours per day, it is equivalent to more than 34 years you don’t need to worry about the cost of buying a new lamp and re-installing or repairing it.

Baseball field light poles

outdoor led stadium lights 1000w

Besides the excellent LED baseball field lights, we also can provide the light poles accordingly for your baseball field lighting.

Stadium lights and high masts are the main facilities of the baseball field. When we replace the LED baseball field lights, many of the old poles need to be replaced. If the lamp and the pole can be provided together, it will be very convenient for users and reduce the risk and time cost for them to find more manufacturers.

What should we know about the baseball field light poles

What should we know about the baseball field light poles?

1.Scientific structural design

Baseball field light poles can be circular or polygonal and should be of sufficient structural strength. The design life shall not be less than 25 years.

The lamppost on the moving lamppost generally adopts a fixed structure.The size and appearance of the light holder is related to the form and number of LED ballpark lights and also determines the requirements for structural implementation.The area of lamp board should put aside certain leeway, so that expand in the future.

Because of the height of the bar, the lighting equipment at the top of the bar is heavy.Therefore, the pole and its foundation should fully consider the influence of the total weight and maximum wind speed of the baseball field lights.In addition to these, there are also the terrain, whether it is near the sea, etc., which need to be considered.

Combining these factors and local environmental conditions, Mecree will be specially designed through a series of scientific and professional calculations, all of which will be displayed in the “Calculation Manual”. If any calculation error occurs during the design process, the Calculation Manual will immediately display a red warning reminding the designer to correct it. This ensures that the baseball field light poles are designed to be the safest and most reliable.

What should we know about the baseball field light poles

2.Easy to maintain

For ease of maintenance, install a lift system or ladder when the baseball field lights need to be installed high.

Considering the need to provide basic lighting conditions and save construction costs, when the height of the pole is less than 20m, it is recommended to install the ladder according to the conditions of maintenance personnel.The ladder shall be equipped with guardrail and the rest platform shall be set at the corresponding height according to relevant regulations.

In consideration of safety, practicability, aesthetics and other requirements, when the height of the pole is more than 20m, electric hanging basket shall be adopted.Electric basket maintenance system is a professional equipment, its rod adopts two roller independent suspension lifting equipment.The rod is topped with a maintenance-free drive plate and a special highly flexible stainless steel wire rope.The system shall have both electric and manual operation modes.

What should we know about the baseball field light poles

3.High quality raw material

The raw material will affect the service life and appearance of the pole.Mecree selects Q235 steel of high quality and strength, which has good plasticity and toughness, and is easy to shape and weld.

The steel used is ASTM A572 GR50/55/65, which ensures the safety and economy of steel rods.And the element content of silicon is less than 0.04%, which ensures the excellent appearance after surface treatment.The Mecree mast has a service life of nearly 50 years and does not rust.

4.Professional welding technology

When welding, ensure that the whole welding rod body is free from cracks, leakage welding, continuous porosity, edge biting and other phenomena, the weld is smooth, level, no bump, no welding defects. Professional welding safety certification and welder’s ability are very important.

A.Mecree has a complete welding certification system, such as ISO3834 International welding System, EN1090 European Union Steel structure Certification, and CWB Canadian Welding Association certification.
B. Adopt the world top brand welding wire Lincoln, with excellent welding ability, crack resistance and corrosion resistance, and excellent weld formation.
C. Welders shall have welding work certificate and AWS welder certificate and shall be trained and evaluated regularly.

What should we know about the baseball field light poles

5.Anti-corrosion surface treatment

Some high masts, especially the bottom, rust, and the lamp posts will become more and more unstable and eventually fall off. Mecree will undergo a very strict surface treatment on both poles – hot dip galvanized.

This is an effective method of metal preservation.The derusting steel parts are immersed in molten zinc at about 500℃ to attach a zinc layer to the surface of the steel members.In this way, it can ensure the anti-corrosion life of more than 50 years.

6.Lightning protection and aviation barrier lighting

Light poles shall be provided with aviation obstacle lighting in accordance with relevant regulations and navigation requirements of civil aviation administration.In conjunction with the manufacturing process for the moving poles, it is necessary to install at least 2 inches of red aerial obstacle lights at the top of each pole.Install strobe lights or solar barrier lights where special requirements are required, such as terminals, waterways or power controls.

The top of the pole shall be set in accordance with the lightning protection requirements of the entire stadium and the relevant national lightning protection regulations.The lightning rod protection area should be the same as the whole stadium.

7.Strict quality control

Mecree has a strict quality control process for all baseball field light poles to ensure that each pole is in good condition before delivery.

A. Materials will be inspected before production. Ensure material elements meet requirements.
B. After the light pole is completed, Mecree will test for strength and surface corrosion to ensure the safety of the pole.
C. Technicians in each production process will check the quality of the previous process.
D. The quality supervisor will conduct a general inspection of the rod products before packaging.

Every step of quality control is important. Mecree likes high mast products and is responsible for customers.

Baseball Field Lighting Intelligent Distribution System

MECREE can provide your baseball field lighting with professional lighting intelligent distribution system, sub-event brightness demand subsection control, remote control and power control distribution cabinet design.

Baseball Field Lighting Intelligent Distribution System

Baseball field lighting cable fittings

We also can provide cables and fittings for your baseball field lighting.

Baseball field lighting cable fittings

Baseball field lighting cable fittings


Mecree has become an international brand of LED stadium lighting, with one-stop service light poles and cable accessories. We have supported one-stop service for many international events, such as Baseball field in Venezuela, FIFA World Cup, the International Boland Cricket stadium in South Africa, ASABA Stadium in Nigeria, etc.

The baseball field lighting construction should not only be beautiful and comfortable, but also be safe and reliable. Choosing the right baseball field lighting and providing professional light poles, cable accessories and support services is the guarantee of the safety of the entire baseball field and baseball fans. If you want more professional information about LED baseball field lights and poles, cable accessories support one-stop service, please contact [email protected]. We will reply you within 24 hours.

What can MECREE do for you?

what can mecree do for you
outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w
MECREE are committed to offer the right solution for every sport field including to football, baseball, cricket, hockey and professional stadium.

outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w

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