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What’s the rugby field lighting standard

Rugby field lighting is an important part of rugby game, which is of great significance to rugby game. Rugby field lighting is an important part of rugby field design and is more complicated. It must not only meet the requirements of athletes and spectators, but also meet the requirements of color temperature, illumination and lighting uniformity in live television broadcasts. In addition, the way of lighting should closely match the overall plan of the rugby stadium and the structure of the stands. In particular, the maintenance of lighting equipment is closely related to architectural design, you need to think about it.

What’s the rugby field lighting standard?

1. Rugby lighting requirements

Because of their different uses, rugby fields have different lighting requirements. Training and entertainment level illumination 200LUX, amateur competition 300LUX, professional ratio 500LUX, in addition to higher vertical illumination TV broadcast, domestic competition 1000LUX, international competition 1400LUX, HD HDTV broadcast 2000LUX, different lighting to meet different competition requirements!

What’s the rugby field lighting standard

2. Anti-glare requirements

Use lamps with anti-glare systems that do not dazzle, effectively prevent external light and glare, minimize off-site light, protect the beautiful night sky, and provide football and stadium lighting for players and spectators, creating a more comfortable environment for games and viewing.

3. Color rendering requirements

High color rendering and strong light directivity; Good dimming performance, no visual error when color temperature changes; Cold light source has low calorific value and can be touched safely. These are things that incandescent and fluorescent lamps cannot achieve. It not only can provide comfortable day lighting space, but also can well meet the needs of people’s physical health. It’s a healthy light source, visually friendly and environmentally friendly. Does not produce harmful ultraviolet ray, especially suitable for cultural relics, medicine display lighting. LED lights have good color rendering. Good color rendering means that the color of the object in this light is closer to the color in the midday daylight, which is used in rugby field lighting for a better user experience.

Three kinds of lighting layout for rugby field

1. Multi-pole layout

Three kinds of lighting layout for rugby field

Rugby field lighting multi-pole layout type is set up on the two sides of the field with multiple groups of lamp posts. Its outstanding advantages are lower power consumption and better vertical and horizontal lighting. As a result of lamp pole lower part, this kind of cloth lamp still has the advantage of less investment, maintenance is convenient. Rugby field lighting belts are another form of flanking arrangement, in which lights are arranged in rows on both sides of the field to form a continuous belt lighting system. The strip light shines evenly, and the brightness between the player and the football field is better. At present, it is widely recognized that this type of light can meet the requirements of color TV broadcasting, HDTV broadcasting and even ultra HDTV broadcasting.

2. Light belts layout

Light belts layout

Light belt arrangement is a form of arrangement on both sides, that is, lights are arranged in rows on both sides of the court to form a continuous light belt lighting system. The strip lights shine evenly, giving better brightness between players and the court. At present, it is widely recognized that this kind of light distribution can meet the requirements of color TV broadcasting, high definition TV broadcasting and even ultra HD TV broadcasting.

3. Mix layout

The mixed arrangement has the advantage of two kinds of lighting, which enhances the physical sense. Vertical illumination and uniformity are more reasonable in all four directions, but glare increases. At this time, the four corners are usually not set independently, but unified with the building structure, so the cost is relatively low.

Why we choose LED stadium lights for rugby fields lighting?

Why we choose LED stadium lights for rugby fields lighting

A few years ago, rugby stadiums were usually lit with metal halides, but problems persisted during use, causing considerable trouble for rugby stadiums!Common quality problems, such as glare, external light and heating of lights, have seriously affected the performance of professional football games. Since then, stadiums have upgraded rugby field lighting, replacing metal halide lights with more advanced LED sports lighting.

Led stadium lights have an extra 80,000 hours of service life and are more durable than metal halides, HID or HPS lamps. For rugby pitch lights, they can have a lot of bad weather. Because our LED stadium lights are IP66 waterproof, they work well in heavy rain.

What’s the suitable LED stadium lights for rugby field lighting?

1.LED stadium lights with flicker-free design

It is important to have a stable lighting for a rugby field. As we know, fluorescent lamps and MH lamps are prone to flicker under the camera, because their brightness fluctuates significantly at low frequencies. Because of the uneven brightness, this greatly affects the user experience.

Mecree LED stadium lights, flicker-free design, are compatible with 4k high-speed cameras and slow-motion cameras.

2.High quality rugby field lighting should be anti-glare

High quality rugby field lighting should be anti-glare

Anti-glare light is an important feature of rugby field lighting. Sports competitions, especially professional sports competitions, have strict requirements on lighting glare control. Glare can not only make athletes or spectators uncomfortable, affect performance, or even ruin an athlete. Especially for high power LED stadium lights, if there is no special design on it, people may feel dazzled when looking at the lights. We have a patented anti-glare design to achieve the minimum glare value.

3.No light pollution

To avoid light pollution in the design of the stadium lighting requirements are very strict, the control of minor leakage will have a lot of bad impact.

Spill light not only causes waste of light and electricity, but also pollutes the environment and affects the quality of life of nearby residents.

Different from other suppliers, Our LED stadium light adopts precise secondary optical system, light through multiple reflections to the effective position, then the light are guided to the designated area so that reduce the light loss, not only in this way, our lens of glass material, is not afraid to be the impact, and not easy to broken, with zero light decay, make the effective utilization of light up to 98%, make full use of the light.

4.LED stadium lights with long lifespan for rugby field lighting


Some electrical contractors may overlook the lamp’ s service life. On the market, a lot of lamps on the market falls after using 2 to 3 years, can see distinction apparently. And the damage rate of lamps is as high as 20 percent a year, frequent replacement also means high maintenance costs. Why should we choose rugby field LED floodlights with longer life? Because it avoids expensive replacement costs, including the cost of buying new lights and re-installing them.

Mecree LED stadium lights lifespan is more than 80,000 hours, meaning if you turn on 8 hours a day, it is equivalent to 28 years you don’t need to worry about the cost of buying a new lamp and re-installing it. If we compare the service life of different types of traditional lighting equipment (fluorescent lamp for 10000 hours, HPS and LPS for 20000 hours, MH for 8000 hours, etc.), we can find that LED lights have the best performance.

5.Choose LED stadium lights with suitable color index and color temperature

The general color temperature requirement for all levels of the rugby pitch is greater than 4000K. Despite such advice, we usually use 5000K or 5700K to provide better lighting for players and viewers as these colors are more exciting. About the color index, The higher the index, the more realistic the color of the object. As usual, our lights are Ra 80+, and Ra 90 + customizable.

6.Get free lighting layout design from Mecree

In addition to purchasing rugby field lights, you can also enjoy our free DIALux service. As we know, each field will have different lighting requirements, such as number of light poles, poles height, lux level requirements, anti-glare, no flicker, high uniformity or other special lighting requirements for outdoor or indoor rugby pitch. We can meet your needs, because we can provide customized LED rugby pitch lighting arrangement design for you without any extra cost. Just need you to offer the field detail information.

6.Get free lighting layout design from Mecree

Mecree waits for you

Choosing us, choosing rugby field lights with high efficiency and perfect lighting effect, MECREE is better professional and guaranteed. If you have more questions or needs, please send an email to [email protected]. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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