Baseball Field Lights Cost

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Baseball is mostly played outdoor. The baseball field is divided into infield and outfield, infield is also called square, infield is by the two sides of the street in the infield and the other two sides of the outfield. The size of the inner field is 27.5 27.5m, and the outer field is fan-shaped

Lighting design for the baseball field

The lamp arrangement of baseball field can be 6 or 8 lamp poles, or the lamp can be installed on the horse track above the auditorium. Stadium lighting is located in the four base area outside the main Angle of 20°

Design detail for the lighting

1. In order to ensure a good light environment for athletes and reduce shadows, three or four directions of light are required. There are requirements for the position of course lights, glare control, course light set, lamp beam extension and installation height.Position of course lights. The position of the course light should be in line with the direction of the game.
2. Glare control. Puts stadium lights outside the athletes the loyalty of the line of sight range, from each diamond baseline extended triangle area formed a 20° area.

The important of the uniformity

The lighting design of baseball field must not only meet the average vertical illumination and average horizontal illumination, but also reach the uniformity of vertical illumination and horizontal illumination, as well as the proportion coefficient of average vertical illumination and average horizontal illumination. In addition, still need to limit the glare index value, choose high color rendering index and a corresponding color temperature of light source, so as to meet the requirements of the basic function of lighting stadium, ensure the normal baseball player night training and competition skills, ensure color TV broadcast at the same time, clearly reflect athletes instantaneous motion and motion, and able to capture the motion trajectories of baseball

The Mecree LED replace the HID

HID lamp baseball field, 36 sets of 1500W illumination, weak center light, low illumination, low uniformity. Moreover, HID energy consumption is too high, which is not conducive to cost saving. The slow start-up time can't make the instantaneous opening and smooth closing, and it can't adapt to the needs of the current site

The baseball field after using 16 GL-SPL series stadium lights, illuminance and evenness all went up a class. The GL-SPL uses superconducting radiators to make the luminaire safer and to provide longer life.Under the same power lamps, the range is longer, which is suitable for the high pole field, thus saving the total amount of the field. The lighting is also more authentic.

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