Baseball Field Lights Cost – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

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Baseball Field Lights Cost 2020 Buyer s Ultimate Guide

Baseball is an incredible sport. It’s fun to watch and play. It is enjoyed by people of all ages, played at different levels of competition and enjoyed by millions of people around the world. So the playing field must be carefully constructed and well lighted. Building a baseball field is a difficult task because appropriate sizes and standards must be observed and careful planning is required. The same goes for the baseball field lighting.

Baseball field lighting is important for both players and fans. The game can be played by day or night, and most of the nights are fun. Therefore, the baseball stadium lighting should have excellent. Many people think that baseball field lights are expensive. Yes, it can be, but you don’t have to go broke. When you do a proper cost-benefit analysis, you don’t incur additional costs. If you don’t have the right information about effective baseball field lighting, you will spend a lot of money.

So, what should we know about effective baseball field lighting?

Baseball field lighting requirements

According to the baseball field lighting manual, there are many standards and requirements to follow.

1.Lux level required

Baseball field lighting requirements

For standard minor League games, the infield shall be at least 538 Lux and the outfield shall be at least 322 Lux.

2.Flicker-free Lighting

The top speed of baseball and bats is about 100 to 150 km/h.We should choose lamps that support 4K high speed cameras so that we don’t miss any critical moments.

3. Lighting uniformity standard

baseball field Lighting uniformity standard

What is uniformity?It represents the ratio of minimum to maximum illumination in a baseball field, or the ratio of average to maximum illumination.The best lighting systems should be as uniform as possible to avoid undesired dark areas.The uniformity of the infield is 0.5 and the uniformity of the outfield is 0.4 (minimum to maximum ratio).As a result, we can see that the infield requires a higher standard.

4. The CRI

According to the guidelines, the lighting CRI of baseball fields is at least 65. Choose lamps with high indication to allow the camera to capture the “real” color.

How to build a little league baseball field?

How much does it cost to build a little league baseball field? How much do lights cost for a baseball field?

How much do lights cost for a baseball field

Before purchasing new or replacement baseball field lighting, you may want to know the cost. In fact, if you just talk about cost, it has several meanings. For example, the cost of lighting for a baseball field, the cost of electricity, the cost of installation, and so on. Now, we’ll give you the ultimate guide on the cost of baseball field lighting and how to save money.

What factors determine a baseball field lights cost?

The price of lamps will vary greatly, so we need to consider case by case. Factors that determine the baseball field lighting cost include:

1. The origin of the baseball field lights manufacturer

If baseball field lights were made in US, UK or other European countries, the price would be higher. This is because labor, material costs and factory rents are higher. Most of the money you pay will end up in the pockets of other businesses, not the baseball field lights. The question now is how to save money?

The easiest way is to find reliable companies with production lines in Asian countries. Although sport field lights is cheaper to make, you can get the best cost-effective lights if you can find a reliable company. Stadium lights from the U.S. and Asia vary in price by as much as 30% to 200%. For example, if you buy lamps from the US, the total cost of a standard baseball field is about 120,000 to 400,000 dollars, while in China, the price is only about 40,000 to 180,000 dollars. If you buy lamps in this cost-effective way, you can definitely reduce project expenses and increase profits.

2.The mast height

baseball field mast height

A baseball field with high masts will need a lot of lighting. The height may be about 15 to 50 meters. When the pole is high, the light does not reach the ground any faster. It escapes into the air before touching the surface. As a result, the price of buying and installing lights will definitely exceed that of the roof. Installing them is also a challenge. The height may cause some manufacturer’s lamps to twinkle. The amount paid is very high.

Baseball field lighting with short mast would be economical. First, the cost you will spend on purchases is quite low. The lamp requires less power. Because the installation is fast, your costs will be reduced.

3. Baseball field size

When buying materials, put this question in the back of your mind. What’s the baseball field size? That way, you’ll know what to budget for. Therefore, if you have a large area, you will need a large budget. This is because a large field of view requires the maximum amount of light to be properly illuminated. More light is needed to illuminate the entire field of vision.

Small venues are cheap. This will require a small budget. Lighting areas do not need too much spotlight. However, the light should not be harsh because it will affect the line of sight. So uniformity is needed.

4.The standard of the baseball game

The concept is simple. The more professional the game, the more expensive it is to light a baseball field. For example, if your high school baseball field lighting is designed for training or entertainment purposes, the baseball field lights cost(LED) is about $30,000 to $60,000. By contrast, if an international game were played on a field, such as a minor league, battleship or dune baseball game, the total cost of the lights would rise to $80,000 to $150,000.

The standard of the baseball game

Why is it more expensive? This is because in professional baseball games like this, we will need additional LED floodlights to enhance the horizontal and vertical brightness of 4K and 8K TV broadcasts. In addition to lumen output, we also need to maintain high lighting uniformity for the baseball field. As a result, the lighting design is more complex, so the cost of the lamp is higher.

However, Mecree also provides free lighting design for different types of fields. In addition, because we have factories in China, our LED lights are in high cost-effective. We carry out strict quality control and inspection, so we always provide the best baseball field lights. Contact us immediately for quotes and free lighting advice.

5.Type of baseball field light fixture

Type of baseball field light fixture

There are different types of baseball field light fixtures. HPS floodlights, metal halide or halogen lamps are cheap. LED stadium lights are more expensive than all lights. Initially, you will have a completely different idea of lamps. When you get something cheap, you feel good. You think you save a lot of money. Eventually, however, you will be disappointed in the end.

One example is a 1000 watt halogen lamp that costs between $60 and $140. A 1000-watt LED baseball field light cost between $1, 000 and $1, 600. The field requires 10 halogen lamps, each at 1,000 watts, to be comparable to an LED. So the total cost of the lights purchasing at the beginning is similar. However, the halogen lamp must be replaced from time to time during use, which is expensive, due to that they lose their brightness in a short time. LED stadium lights are more durable. Therefore, LED stadium light is the best choice for baseball field lighting. Even if you pay a relatively high price at the beginning, you can keep the light steady for a long time.

6.Baseball field lights running cost

As an electrical contractor, you may also want to know what I get when I upgrade my baseball field lights to leds. The main benefit is lower running costs. So, how much does it cost to run LED and halogen baseball field lighting?

Let’s take a 30,000 WATT LED baseball lighting example. Daily operating cost is $0.12/1000 (average US electricity bill) x 8 hours (service time) x 30,000W = $28.8. We can quickly compare this value to a halogen. If the halogen lamps lit up the field, we would need about 300,000 watts. Thus, due to daily electricity usage, the baseball field operation cost = $0.12/1000 x 8 hours x 300,000W = $288. Their difference is $259.2!

Remember, this is just the daily running cost. By switching to LED baseball field lights, you can save $5,000 a month and $60,000 a year in electricity costs for lighting the stadium.

How to save baseball field lights cost?

outdoor led stadium lights 1000w

High expenses can hurt your financial situation. Knowing how to cut baseball field lights costs is crucial. You can use a durable and economical lighting system. Here are some tips on how to get affordable lighting for your area.

1. Consider efficient baseball field lights

First, buy energy-saving lamps. LED baseball field lights would be the best option. You’ll save $5000 a month compared to a metal halide lamp. Led baseball field lights save up to 80 percent of the energy. You will pay the low bill. LED baseball field lights can also come with sensors. This means that lights can be turned off intelligently when they are not needed.

2.Buy stable baseball field lights

Long-lasting lights are economical. You don’t have to buy them after a short time. LED flood lights will provide you with many years of quality service. Buying halogen types will mean that you have to replace them regularly.

3. Install correctly

baseball field lighting Install correctly

It is also important to point the light in the right direction. It saves money and time. Depending on the site design, installation can be tricky. The installer shall place the lamp in an appropriate manner. This will include non-harsh lighting. If the lamp is not properly installed, a lot of light waste will be generated, resulting in light pollution. They got lost and didn’t reach their goal. Properly installed lights are used to illuminate the field perfectly. At any time, scientific and rational lighting distribution is crucial.

4. Order materials from China and its warehouses

This is a big move because China offers budget-friendly goods. You can take advantage of their warehouses in different locations. Shipping them is no more expensive than buying them locally in the United States, Canada or The United Kingdom, and shipping is affordable.You can contact the company online and arrange delivery.

What’s the best LED baseball field lights?

1.LED baseball field lights with high light efficiency

LED baseball field lights with high light efficiency

Our LED Sport lights with patent Optical Lens design and specially treatment for reflector, its light efficiency is 2-3 times higher than common LED lights. Accurately control the light beam to improve the utilization of light,while reducing sport field spillage.

According to the Everfine Spectral irradiance caculator, a common 1000W LED Light gets 60lux at the distance of 100M, while Mecree GL-SPL series 1000W gets 123lux at the same distance of 100M. Means that you only need to use half quantity lights to get same light effect and reduce half of the cost for you at the same time.

2.LED baseball field lights with excellent cooling system

Temperature is the biggest enemy of LED baseball field lights. Strong and persistent heat can damage LED chips, reducing brightness and service life. To solve this problem, we developed a patented cooling system, uniquely customized Special superconducting heat pipe and Cooling fin, each COB center has its own independent super heat pipe at the bottom and each heat pipe connects four heat sinks, and there are many holes on the heat sinks. It is the largest cooling area on the market, it make sure we can have ultra-low luminous decay <3% in 5 years and lifespan 34 years if we run 8 hours each day.

3.Energy saving

We recommend to us our LED sport lights GL-SPL series for baseball field lighting because it uses 80% less energy than MH lamps. The installation of LED sport lights is practical and worthwhile, although it costs a bit more than MH lamps because of the high-end technology and patent design involved. But if you convert to our lights, the operating cost of stadium lights for some large stadiums can be saved up to $350,000 per year.

4.High uniformity, no light pollution

baseball field lighting high uniformity no light pollution

Uneven field brightness will affect the line of sight, which will affect the performance of the player and the audience experience in your baseball field. For best results, our engineers use LED sport lights with secondary optical Aluminum reflective cup and Secondary Optical Lenses. The design is adopted to minimize the spill light and glare, put lighting to the accurate area, to reach a high lighting uniformity, no light pollution.


Glare can not only make athletes or spectators uncomfortable, affect performance, or even ruin an athlete. Especially for high power LED sport lights, if there is no special design on it, people may feel dazzled when looking at the lights. We have the patented anti-glare design to achieve the minimum glare value.

6.High CRI

As a important international baseball competition, it should reach to the level of HD broadcasting.

Therefore, LED sport lights with high CRI are required.

Our LED sport lights can meet the requirements with high CRI. The high quality lighting effect, not only can let the athletes play better,but also can let the audience watch the game more accurately and clearly.

7.No warm up time

LED Sport Lights can be turned on and off instantly, without 10-15 minutes warm up as observed in the HPS,MH conventional lighting.

Our products are also compatible to DMX controller that allows more wonderful light show of your stadium.

8.Flicker-free design

For big professional baseball games, which are often broadcast on HDTV, what happens when the lights flash? Big broadcast accidents? As we know, fluorescent lamps and MH lamps are prone to flicker under the camera, because their brightness fluctuates significantly at low frequencies. Because of the uneven brightness, this greatly affects the user experience.

Mecree LED stadium lights, designed for HDTV relay, are compatible with 4k high-speed cameras and slow-motion cameras.

9.Long lifespan, No maintenance costs

GL-SPL series lifespan is more than 100,000 hours, meaning if you turn on 8 hours a day, it is equivalent to more than 34 years you don’t need to worry about the cost of buying a new lamp and re-installing or repairing it. When we compare the service life of different types of traditional lighting equipment (fluorescent lamp for 10000 hours, HPS and LPS for 20000 hours, metal halide for 8000 hours, etc.), we can find that it has the best performance.

Case: Mecree LED replace the HID

Mecree LED replace the HIDMecree LED replace the HID

HID lamp baseball field, 36 sets of 1500W illumination, weak center light, low illumination, low uniformity. Moreover, HID energy consumption is too high, which is not conducive to cost saving. The slow start-up time can’t make the instantaneous opening and smooth closing, and it can’t adapt to the needs of the current site

Mecree LED replace the HID

The baseball field after using 16 GL-SPL series stadium lights, illuminance and evenness all went up a class. The GL-SPL uses superconducting radiators to make the luminaire safer and to provide longer life. Under the same power lamps, the range is longer, which is suitable for the high pole field, thus saving the total amount of the field. The lighting is also more authentic.

Mecree waits for you

Choosing us, choosing lamps with high efficiency and perfect lighting effect, MECREE is better professional and guaranteed. If you have more questions or needs, please send an email to We will reply you within 24 hours.
outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w
MECREE are committed to offer the right solution for every sport field including to football, baseball, cricket, hockey and professional stadium.

MECREE has launched the following series of LED Sport Stadium Lighting:

  1. SPL series stadium lights are designed for 160 feet to 1000 feet of lighting distances and 4K, 8K HD broadcasting.
  2. AFL series stadium lights are designed for lighting distances from 50 feet to 330 feet and improve the brightness uniformity.
  3. P73 series stadium lights are designed for the precise light control needs of the North American and European markets. The Upward Light Ratio of the P73 series LED stadium lights is 0%.


New LED Sports Lighting Solution Provider




Our precisely engineered optics of polarized light aim light directly onto the field of play, to shine uniformly and to minimize glare. Outdoor venues benefit from spill light control, no more skyglow and no more complaints from the neighbors.


1. Such light shield is useless,just misleading customers.
2. As tested it will cause 30% reduction of light output
3. While 70% still have high overflow
4. Unbearable strong glare
5. Waste energy,outdated reflective technology




The power supply and lamp body can be mounted separately, reducing the withstand weight of the lamp pole and facilitating maintenance.



Customized crossarms are available to meet all your existing old poles without replacing the main rod, crossarms bolt directly to light pole, easy and accurate installation saves time, ensures performance, safety and reliability,also lower the budget.

What can MECREE do for you?

We are not only a manufacturer of high-power LEDs, More professional services are also included:
Provide the most suitable solution through light simulation calculation. Design of Lighthouse, parameters required for building foundation, (axial force, shear force, bending force). High power generator set supporting,circuit design service,cable supply. We are your best supply chain manager! One stop service for you! Of course, lighting solutions for other fields are also included. Save you time,unnecessary costs and greater benefits.

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