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LED Baseball Field Lighting

Product Specification:

  • Power Supply Meanwell Series
  • Supply Voltage 90-305V/200-480V AC 50/60Hz
  • System Power 1000W
  • Lumen (LM) 150000LM
  • Beam Angle 10/24/38/60/90/120
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Best LED Baseball Field Lighting

LED lights attacked the professional sports market a few years ago, and their presence in the market continues to grow. The NFL bowl was introduced in 2015 with LED lighting. Major league baseball introduced LED lighting the same year. “The San Diego padres’ Petco park was one of the first stadiums to switch to LED lights in 2016,” LED magazine said. “Major league baseball needs a very bright playing area, a minimum of 1500lux in the infield and 1000lux in the outfield.” By comparison, the average parking lot is about 30-50lux. Indoors, even bright retail lighting, which may be used within 100-200lux of a department store or car showroom, is still far less the brightness of an MLB baseball infield. LED stadium lighting is a growing trend and sports organizations such as FIFA and the premier league have started to use it for many of their events and stadiums, so that the athletes on the field to play the maximum strength and the spectators can enjoy the best visual experience on the competition.

Requirement of Baseball Stadium Lights

1.Standard Brightness level for your Baseball field

According to the baseball field lighting instruction, there are some lux level we can take for reference for different purpose.

2.Baseball field lighting design

Lighting should be provided to the athletes and spectators who play the baseball game in a place where the glare phenomenon can be minimized.

The layout of the baseball field lighting is divided into infield and outfield, and the uniformity and illuminance are designed to be in proper condition.

In the baseball game, the design is carried out so that the light tower is not positioned in the position where the player’s gaze frequently moves during the movement of the pitching, the batting and the catching.

3.Pole position

baseball field lighting layout

Poles shall be located as shown on the drawings in the appendix to these standards. Whenever possible, poles should be located outside of fences to avoid causing an obstruction or safety hazard to the participants.

1.Shaded areas indicate recommended pole location.
2. Line drawn through each “A” pole location must be behind home plate to ensure lighting the portion of the ball the batter sees as it crosses home plate.
3. Consideration should be given to locating “B” poles between 1/3 and 2/3 distance of the foul-line. This positioning towards the outfield foul pole allows the ball to be lit in a more constant perpendicular illuminance as it travels from the infield to the outfield.
4. Recommend field size is 330 ft / 375 ft / 400 ft / 375 ft / 330 ft.
5. For new facilities or upgrades,welcome to consult our professional lighting engineers for optimal pole placement.

4.Installation height of lighting fixtures

baseball field lights Installation height of lighting fixtures

The installation height of baseball field lighting fixture is an important issue in the design of sports lighting, and it should be positioned so that glare does not occur to the athlete running the field.

In the baseball field, considerable part of the gaze of the athletes, the spectators, and the camera traces the line of sight due to the characteristics of the game; the lighting design is carried out considering the part and to enhance playability on the field, minimum pole heights recommended is 70’.Poles heights should be defined in the project specification based on site conditions to ensure proper vertical aiming angles. To know more about the installation height or angle, please click here.

5.Lighting aiming design for international competition

The lighting aiming design should match the uniformity of the stadium and the shadows of the athletes and the facilities should not affect the players and spectators
The lighting design of horizontal surface illuminance of the baseball field should be divided into infield and outfield.

Vertical surface illuminance design is also important because balls in the baseball fields are often floated high in the nature of the game.

6.Lighting design for broadcasting

The baseball game is classified as one of the high-speed sports, and it is also classified as one of the most popular games. So baseball is one of the sports that broadcast frequently.

When designing the lighting of the baseball field, proceeds design according to the location of the broadcasting camera. Pre-review each camera location to finalize the design so that the same light is gathered.

baseball field Lighting design for broadcasting

7.Minimal light pollution design

It is designed by minimizing the influence of the outflow lighting around by the waste of unnecessary light when designing the baseball field lighting.

Should be designed so that light does not affect pedestrians, drivers or residential areas outside the baseball stadium.

Calculate the outflow lighting that goes out of the baseball field and redesign the lighting to the reference value.

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Baseball Field & Stadium Lighting System to LED

1.Massive Reduction in Energy Consumption

When you convert a 1000 Watt Metal Halide to a 300W LED Baseball Field Sport Light, there is an obvious reduction in energy consumption. And it’s more than you think. The 1000 Watt Metal Halide actually consumes an additional 15% for the fixtures ballast. So instead of only consuming 1000 Watts, each light consumes 1150 watts. So there is an actual energy savings of 850 watts per fixture. That works out close to 75% energy saving per fixture.

Well what does this all really mean? Here are some real numbers to help you decide. Let’s say you have 100 fixtures in your baseball field. You run them 100 days a year, for 6 hours at a time. Your cost of electricity is 0.12 kw/h. Savings for these lights would be $5,400 per year. Of course, if your hours of use is higher, or cost of electricity is higher, the amount of savings would increase. If you would like to calculate your exact savings, welcome to contact our engineers for detailed light calculation according to your sport fields.

A Short Payback Period for LED Baseball Field Lighting System VS 1000 W HPS

A Short Payback Period for LED Baseball Field Lighting System VS 1000 W HPS

2.Cut Down on Your Maintenance Cost

Many people are concerned about the continuing cost of maintaining existing metal halides or high-pressure sodium lamps.Since the bulbs can last up to 150,000-20,000 hours, and in many cases only about 15,000 hrs,so getting rid of this huge maintenance effort was the main reason they sought to replace old stadium lights with leds.

But let’s look at how metal halide light behaves over its lifetime. Metal halides undergo rapid and obvious lumen degradation.It is not uncommon for metal halides to lose half of their initial lumens in the first 7,000 hours of their useful life, the half-life of a light bulb. So at some point, as the bulb uses for longer, its effectiveness becomes limited, and it should be replaced, probably before it completely fails. Lighting a baseball field with 50 percent brightness of metal halide bulbs doesn’t make sense. Even though the light bulb is still “on,” but the baseball field is dim. It should be replaced.This makes maintaining baseball stadium lighting or baseball stadium lighting systems a chore. Changing light bulbs in stadiums isn’t cheap either. These bulbs are installed as high as 100 feet in the air, or even higher, so it would take equipment and manpower to replace them, an expensive proposition.So it might make sense to upgrade your baseball field & stadium’s lights to LEDS to eliminate this expensive expense.

At the same time, LED Baseball field lighting systems still maintain 70% of their initial lumens after 100,000 hours of use.So when you switch to leds, your days of maintaining metal halide bulbs are over.

3.Get a higher quality of baseball field lighting effect

When you have better quality, we all need less quantity.Let’s compare a high pressure sodium lamp with an LED Stadium light.If you look at the specification of HPS bulbs, it lists an incredibly high lumen value for the bulbs.But also take a look at the CRI of the bulb.The exponent is the quality level of the light source, ranging from 0 to 100, higher is better. Under LED baseball stadium lights, CRI is rarely below 70, normally 80+, and 90+ is required for most international baseball stadium lighting play.

So how does this translate into light on the baseball field of play?It’s simple. It makes everything look clearer and brighter.The colors appear in the light themselves that they should not fade.In the case of HPS, you have to make up for the lack of quality with more quantity.So don’t just focus on the lumens produced by the bulb without fully understanding the quality of the light produced by the bulb.

So when you need to upgrade your baseball stadium lighting, led baseball field lighting have three basic advantages: reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs and better lighting quality.

Quality LED Baseball Field Lighting Effect

Project of LED Baseball field lighting VS Metale Halide Lighting

Project of LED Baseball field lighting VS Metale Halide Lighting

How Much Does it cost for a Baseball Field Lighting?

Baseball field lights cost / price

Before buying the new or replacing the baseball field lights or football field lights, you may wish to have a rough idea about the cost to check out if it is under your budget. For the cost, it doesn’t only mean the cost for outdoor sport lighting, but also the electricity cost, the fees involved in installation, and shipping cost etc. So do not go away just because of the product unit cost higher, you should check out the whole project cost and then compare.

1) Different Certificate of Origin

Many clients never import from China before, buying from the local market or always looking for products made in EU. But you should understand that China is a big country for big production, the labor, raw material cost and factory rent is more economical. So you will save more if buy from China.

For example, the total lamp cost of a standard baseball field is about USD40,000-USD90,000 for LED lights, but if you buy it from Europe or North American markets or factories, then the lamp cost might be 2-3times higher, because the labor, raw material cost and factory rent are much higher, so that the cost will be much different.

MECREE is the light provider for FIFA U20 Women’ World Cup Stadium, click here for more project information.

2) Different type of lights

Different type of lights would vary a lot, we all know that the traditional light is so much cheaper than LED. Changing out your existing lights can be expensive, however LED lifespan is 10 times longer than traditional lamps, when you are keep replacing your current traditional lamps every 1-2years, the others are saving more than 10times product cost while also above 70% energy saving than you.We still haven’t caculated the maintenance fee you have spent yet. So you can do it gradually to get an amazing upgrade.

3) Different Baseball field Competition lux requirement

The more professional a baseball game is, the higher the lights cost of baseball field.

For example, if your sport club baseball diamond is designed for training or recreational purpose, the baseball field lights cost will be approx. $40,000 to $60,000. On the contrary, if the ball field holds the international tournament such as Little League, Baseball Tournament, the total lamp cost raises to 2-3times higher.

MECREE is the light provider for FIFA U20 Women’ World Cup Stadium, click here for more project information.

4) Different Running Cost of Baseball field

As the end user, you may also wish to know what I can enjoy after replacing the baseball field lights to LED. The major benefit is the reduction in electricity cost. So, how much does it cost to run the LED?

Let’s take a 30,000W LED baseball diamond as an example. The daily running cost is $0.12 / 1000 (average electricity cost in US) x 8 hours (using time) x 30,000W = $28.8 per day. So how much you have saved each month/year? Just have a look at your current electricity bill if your sport courts still with MH,HS,HID lamps. Then you will find the big difference on running cost.

How to select the Best LED Baseball Field Lighting?

1.Excellent Cooling System

Temperature is the biggest enemy of LED lights. Strong and persistent heat can damage LED chips, reducing brightness and service life. To solve this problem, we developed a patented cooling system, air convection design, light and thin cooling fins,3 process special treatment for heat sink, also the largest cooling area on the market, 40% larger than other lamps.

2.High Waterproof grade and anti-corrosion

Outdoor lighting is more demanding, so LED lights should be waterproof and able to withstand extremely high or low ambient temperatures, even some extremely harsh conditions. Our products support IP66 waterproof grade.Based on our experience, such as in coastal areas, we will recommend lights with special anti-corrosion treatment to customers to ensure a better user experience. Many of the ordinary flood lights just painting with outdoor powder, that’s not enough protection., so be careful about that.

3.Advanced Optical Design

MECREE advanced optical design to minimize the spill light and glare, The linear light is used many times to effectively reduce the residual light and enhance the central light intensity.

4.No Light Pollution

Not only to solve the problem of glare on the optical elements, MECREE stadium lights is also equipped with a professional anti-spillage cover, which can effectively control the spillage and avoid light pollution.

The anti-spillage cover can be used to condense the light,so that the Angle of illumination of the spillage can be converted into the place that needs irradiation, which can fully improve the utilization rate of the light and prevent light pollution.

5.Flicker-free Lighting

MECREE LED lights, designed for HDTV relay, are compatible with 4K,8K high-speed cameras and slow-motion cameras.

6.No Maintenance Costs

The high-quality products with a 5 years warranty, our sport lights have been used for projects more than 7years successfully still working well, our LED light design is more than 80,000hrs, means that more than 28 years lifespan if you run 8 hrs each day. You won’t have to worry about paying for maintenance issues for the next decade of years. So you can not only comment a product with the unit-price you bought and you need to assess the maintenance cost of one year, two year or 5 years with the warranty you provide to your customer.

Want to know more cost about upgrading your sport field, welcome to send us your sport field information to, we will reply you at the fastest way.

MECREE has launched the following series of LED Sport Stadium Lighting:

  1. SPL series stadium lights are designed for 160 feet to 1000 feet of lighting distances and 4K, 8K HD broadcasting.
  2. AFL series stadium lights are designed for lighting distances from 50 feet to 330 feet and improve the brightness uniformity.
  3. P73 series stadium lights are designed for the precise light control needs of the North American and European markets. The Upward Light Ratio of the P73 series LED stadium lights is 0%.


New LED Sports Lighting Solution Provider




Our precisely engineered optics of polarized light aim light directly onto the field of play, to shine uniformly and to minimize glare. Outdoor venues benefit from spill light control, no more skyglow and no more complaints from the neighbors.


1. Such light shield is useless,just misleading customers.
2. As tested it will cause 30% reduction of light output
3. While 70% still have high overflow
4. Unbearable strong glare
5. Waste energy,outdated reflective technology




The power supply and lamp body can be mounted separately, reducing the withstand weight of the lamp pole and facilitating maintenance.



Customized crossarms are available to meet all your existing old poles without replacing the main rod, crossarms bolt directly to light pole, easy and accurate installation saves time, ensures performance, safety and reliability,also lower the budget.

What can MECREE do for you?

We are not only a manufacturer of high-power LEDs, More professional services are also included:
Provide the most suitable solution through light simulation calculation. Design of Lighthouse, parameters required for building foundation, (axial force, shear force, bending force). High power generator set supporting,circuit design service,cable supply. We are your best supply chain manager! One stop service for you! Of course, lighting solutions for other fields are also included. Save you time,unnecessary costs and greater benefits.

Best LED STADIUM LIGHTS – Special Designed for sports lighting

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      Let's start design your lighting project.
      Please try to answer our following questions or call us.

      1. What kind of field you need to light up? Is a new court or need to replace the old lamps?

      2. If you need to replace the old lamps, what's your current lamps?

      3. What's the size of your lighting field? How many poles? What's the height of your poles?

      4. What's your lux request?

      5. What's the quantity you need?

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