Yeumju Stadium, Kwangju

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Yeumju Stadium, Kwangju
Completion date: April 2001
Location: gwangju, South Korea
Architectural features: inspired by mount Mudeung, which is 1187m high in the north, the softly curving building has these two shell-shaped roofs, which can cover 60% of the auditorium.
Size: can accommodate 42,880 spectators

Major sports meeting held: 2002 World Cup football match
Light source of lamps:
MVF403 / MHD2000W: 264 sets
MVF024 / MHD – TD2000W: 30 sets
QVF417/Halogen 1500 w Halogen: 60 sets
Lighting index:
Average horizontal luminosity: 2481lux
Average vertical luminosity: 2061lux
CCT: 5600 k
CRI: Ra>90

Comment on: this is very traditional stadium lighting design method, two light belt has lasting appeal very much, lighting effect is very outstanding.The most valuable thing is that 264 illuminators achieve the horizontal illumination and vertical illumination above 2000lux, with reasonable design and outstanding economy, which can completely meet the needs of high-definition TV broadcasting.Emergency lighting is also halogen tungsten lamps, can be instantly lit to meet the needs of personnel evacuation.

Mecree LED half of energy can replace the halogen lamps, means of 2000W halogen lamp illumination, use GL – SFL1000W can completely replace, that is to say, the stadium in Seoul 294pcs 2000W can change into 147pcs GL – SFL1000W, and 60 sets of 1500 w can be replaced by GL – SFL800W, but also can save energy, Mecree LED energy consumption is about a third of the halogen lamp, GL – SFL1000W only consumes the MHD2000W one 6 of the energy,Assuming that before, the annual electricity bills of 700,000 dollars need to be paid, Mecree LED can save 560,000 dollars per year.
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