Daejeon stadium, South Korea

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Daejeon stadium, South Korea
Type: special football field
Venue: 270 fan road, luen river, rucheng district, daejeon city
Architectural features: the roof adopts open and closed structure, creating the unique design of trapezoidal cantilever, which can create a dramatic atmosphere.
Scale: occupying an area of 172378M2; 40783Seats

Use plan: stadium, gymnastics center, swimming pool, soft tennis court, table tennis court, tennis court, aerobics center, golf course, pool course, hotel, fast food restaurant, bar, specialty store, sports exhibition center, sporting goods store
Major sports events: the venue for the 2002 football World Cup
Lamp light source:
EF-2000W standard: 192 sets
EF-2000W hot start: 148 sets
Color temperature: 6000 K
Lighting index:
Average horizontal illumination and average vertical illumination both exceeded 2200lux

Comments: the stadium is a special football field, and 340 EF2000W lamps are used. Both horizontal illumination and vertical illumination are above 2200lux, which is the highlight of the lighting system of the stadium. Another highlight is the light source color temperature of 6000K.The stadium can be used for high-definition television coverage.The 148 heat-triggered lamps ensure the lighting requirements of the emergency TV during the power conversion process and also meet the requirements of evacuation.

Mecree LED half of energy can replace the halogen lamps, means of 2000 w halogen lamp illumination, use GL – FL1000W can completely replace, that is to say, the stadium in Seoul 340pcs 2000 w can change into 170pcs GL – FL1000W, but also can save energy, Mecree LED energy consumption is about a third of the halogen lamp, GL – FL1000W only one 6 of the energy consumption EF2000W, assuming that need to pay the electricity bills, 480000 dollars a year before Mecree LED can save 400000 dollars a year
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