Warehouse and Industrial LED Flood Light Luminaires

88 Published by admin 03 19,2020

Upgrade the lighting in your industrial space with help from MECREE LED. Our bright, efficient MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires are the perfect solution for industrial applications of all types. Improve visibility and safety for workers while reducing operating costs through making the switch to MECREE LED.

MECREE LED Works in All Industrial Applications

From warehouses to factories, all industrial fields have one thing in common – the need for bright lighting for safety and efficiency. MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires work in all industrial applications, including Warehouses, Cold storage facilities, Distribution facilities, Storage facilities, Factories, Packaging plants, Food processing facilities and more!

Your facility can improve its operations with the help of the MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires.

Efficient LED Flood Light Luminaires Rugged Enough for Industrial Use

Companies who make the switch to MECREE LED are able to save money in two ways. First, these lights are more efficient than the lights they replace. Reduce your energy use by as much as 83 percent, depending on your existing lighting, and lower your energy costs at the same time. In addition, the MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires last longer than their competition, using proprietary technology to keep interior components cooler to reduce Luminaire depreciation. This means less money spent on labor, because you will spend less time on the MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires replacement.

Improve Safety with LED Flood Lights

In addition to reducing costs, the MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires improve the safety for your facility and your workers. Brighter light with less glare means your workers will be able to see what they are doing more effectively. This, in turn, will reduce safety incidents. In addition, it will likely improve the effectiveness of your workers, so your facility runs more efficiently.

Reduce costs and improve safety and efficiently with the MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires. Upgrade your facility’s lighting to our efficient and bright LED Flood Light Luminaires, and start enjoying the benefits today. Reach out to the MECREE LED team today to learn more about the benefits of our LED lighting in industrial light fixtures.

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