MECREE LED Arena Flood Lights

23 Published by admin 03 19,2020

MECREE LED Luminaires Light up Your Arenas

From high school games that go late into the night to concerts and other events that are held indoors or hosted after dark, Arenas require bright, efficient lighting. Without quality lighting, players, fans, and guests are at risk and the overall enjoyment of the event is compromised. MECREE LED Luminaries provide a bright, glare-free lighting option that is efficient and effective for lighting arenas of all sizes.

Efficient LED Lighting for Both Indoor and Outdoor Arenas

Whether you are lighting an outdoor equestrian or soccer arena or an indoor sporting arena, MECREE LED provides efficient lighting solutions through our Luminaires. Consider the MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaire or the MECREE LED High Mast Luminaire for outdoor venues, and provide even, comfortable lighting for events after dark. For indoor options, the MECREE LED High Bay Luminaire or the MECREE LED Sports Luminaire provide the right lighting option for the comfort and safety of both athletes, fans, guests or visitors.

No matter the application, when you invest in LED arena lights for your venue, you will enjoy some of the highest efficiency ratings in this class of luminaire. Delivering an efficacy of 180 Lumens/Watt, these are the most efficient fixtures on the market. Incorporating a proprietary thermal management and patented cross ventilation system, they have a long lifespan and will continue delivering high-quality light over the entire course of the luminaire.

Easy Installation and Long Lifespan Reduces Maintenance Costs

MECREE LED Luminaires are designed to be easy to install. The Quick Connect/Disconnect System and Field Changeable Lenses and Drivers means these luminaires can quickly be installed in your arena. Due to having a long-expected lifespan, you will rarely need to replace them. This combination helps reduce the amount of time and money you spend on maintaining your lighting, all without sacrificing the quality of the light for your arena’s visitors.

Exceptional Color Rendering to Enhance the Experience

In today’s arenas, you need bright lighting that renders colors accurately to help not only fans and guests at the event have a clear view, but also to aid in televising or recording the events. The flicker-free lighting available with MECREE LED Luminaires has the highest color rendering index of its class (CRI>90), so you can be confidence that the event will be shown true to life. Enhance the experience of viewers all while protecting the safety of players and performers with MECREE LED Luminaires.

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