Tunnel Lighting with Effective LED Luminaires

529 Published by admin 03 18,2020

Lighting tunnels brings some unique challenges. Not only are tunnels dark with little ambient light, requiring bright light to remain safe, but they also are constantly faced with pollution from car exhaust. In addition, tunnels are notoriously damp, which can be problematic for many lighting options.

MECREE LED Luminaires provide a proven solution for all these challenges. Designed to work well even in the most demanding environments, with a wide beam angle and clear illumination, MECREE LED Luminaires provide an excellent option for your tunnel lighting needs.

Bright Effective Lighting to Improve Safety

When drivers enter a tunnel on a bright day, the instant darkness can create a driving hazard as the eyes need a few minutes to adjust. Properly lighting the tunnel helps reduce the risk of crashes and improves driver safety. MECREE LED Luminaires offer a color rendering index higher than 85, which puts them as close to natural sunlight as possible for their class. And, with an output of 140 Lumens per Watt, these lights offer bright illumination that render colors exactly as they are meant to be seen. This high-quality lighting makes tunnels safer.

Longevity Means Shorter Closure Times

When tunnel lighting needs to be replaced, traffic backups are inevitable. MECREE LED Luminaires are some of the longest lasting lighting options, which means fewer times when you must close down traffic to replace lights. And, because they are ruggedly designed to withstand corrosion, heat and moisture, MECREE LED Luminaires will last for many lighted hours without the need for replacement. Save time, money and frustration with lighting that lasts when you make the switch to MECREE LED Luminaires.

Save Money on Tunnel Lighting with LED Luminaires from MECREE

MECREE LED Luminaires are over 80 percent more efficient than traditional tunnel lights. In addition to saving labor and money spent replacing bulbs and lamps, municipalities and companies that switch to MECREE LED Luminaires for their tunnel lighting will save on energy expenses. Since tunnels require lighting that is always on, this is a valuable benefit.

MECREE LED Luminaires are effective in roadway tunnels, underpasses, rail tunnels and any other tunnel that requires bright, clear illumination. Find the right luminaires for your needs today, and start saving with the help of MECREE LED.

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