MECREE LED Construction Lighting Guide

86 Published by admin 03 18,2020

When facing tight deadlines, construction crews often work around the clock. In some industries, particularity road construction or construction on buildings that are in use during operating hours, nighttime work is the most effective. Yet without proper illumination, construction work comes to a grinding halt. That’s where MECREE LED can help.

MECREE LED’s Flood Light Luminaires are rugged, bright and effective in construction environments. Our LED construction lights make ideal LED area lights, providing a wide beam of illumination to illuminate much of the construction area with just one luminaire. Mount them as high mast lighting to illuminate even more. With longevity and energy efficiency, you can’t go wrong with the MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaire.

Improved Visibility at Construction Sites

One of the factors that sets MECREE LED lighting apart from other LED flood lights is the improved visibility that our luminaires bring. Our proprietary glare-free illumination delivers a UGR of less than 19. This is around the same amount of glare from mild indoor lighting, which is hardly noticeable. With the highest color rendering index in its class, MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires deliver lighting that is as close to natural sunlight as possible, even after dark. This means visual comfort and improved safety for your construction crew.

Easily Applied to Portable Power Setups

Most construction projects rely on portable power distribution setups to get light to the construction crew. MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires can be worked into your portable power distribution, even on high light towers, to provide adequate illumination throughout your construction job site.

Longer Lifespan Means Less Worry About Lamp Failure

A lamp/luminaires failure while you are on the job means delays while you spend time replacing it. It can also drive up the expenses you face on the job. MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaire solutions have long lifespans, and thus will reduce the amount of time you spend replacing the burnt out lamps/luminaires. These are some of the brightest outdoor LED flood light luminaires on the market, yet rarely need to be replaced.

Make the switch to MECREE LED today, and brighten up your construction work with the MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaire, specifically designed for rugged outdoor applications like the construction industry. Browse our products today to find the luminaire that best fits your needs.

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