LED Luminaires for Mining Operations

483 Published by admin 03 18,2020

In order to do their jobs safely, mining workers require proper lighting. The number of hazards both above & underground that can lead to potentially fatal injuries are high, and without proper lighting workers are at risk. In fact, the CDC estimates that the higher risk accidents in mining are all connected to poor lighting. Thankfully, MECREE LED Flood Luminaires can provide lighting that is close to natural sunlight, providing effective lighting even deep underground.

High Color Rending Index to Improve Visibility Underground

For mining operations, lighting needs to provide excellent illumination, because underground mining operations are in complete darkness. MECREE LED Flood Luminaires offer a color rendering index of greater than 85, which means they are as close to natural sunlight as is possible for this class of light. By installing MECREE LED Flood Luminaires, mining companies can give their employees the benefit of clear visibility, even underground. And with adjustable beam angles, MECREE LED Flood Luminaries provide any type of directional lighting from down long corridors to wide open areas.

Improved Longevity to Reduce Maintenance Time and Costs

When a light fails in a mine, operations come to a halt until the light is replaced. Operating without adequate lighting is unsafe. MECREE LED Flood Luminaires have one of the longest expected lifespans in their class, which means mining companies spend less time replacing and maintaining their lighting equipment, and more time focusing on their mining operations. This makes MECREE LED Flood Luminaires a wise investment, because they will deliver may more years of lighting than traditional mining lighting options.

MECREE LED Flood Luminaires have a rugged design with a built-in heat control system that works well in mining environments. The rugged, self-ventilating design means these luminaires work well regardless of shock, dust, corrosive conditions or vibration, all of which are common in the mining industry. If you are looking for lighting that will provide more than adequate illumination with a high level of efficiency and longevity, you want the solutions provided by MECREE LED Flood Luminaires.

Mining professionals deserve as safe a working environment as possible. That starts with proper lighting. For help with mining lighting that is reliable, durable and efficient, trust MECREE LED and our Flood Luminaires.

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