MECREE Sports & Athletic Field Lighting System

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MECREE is the new-star of the high power LED light. Our product lines include: LED flood light, LED stadium light, LED football field light, LED cricket stadium light and so on.

The 1620w light has been designed recently by our R&D team; it is widely used for large area lighting. With the development of the LED technology, MECREE has also been in the vanguard of lighting research and innovation, and invented the 1620 watt led light, which is more powerful, brighter, more energy-efficient and suitable for led stadium lighting, construction led lighting and mining lighting.

The 1620 watt led is a remarkably strong luminous output product (259,200 lumen), that helps saving more energy (around 70% compared with conventional lighting sources), while being environmentally friendly. Our 1620w LED can replace a 3500w Metal Halide, while keeping an extreme brightness and high-efficiency levels.

As for MECREE’s feature product, AFL-1620w led flood light, it is twice brighter than those from other LED lighting competitors. Advanced chips and anti-glare system make our lighting fixture more natural and comfortable for the audiences and cameras.

LED has become more popular in the lighting field because of its energy-saving property. LED light adopts a vastly different approach to emit light. For the incandescent light, a considerable amount of energy is wasted to heat the metal filament to a thousand degree. After reaching that incredible temperature, it would emit light as the side-product. On the contrary, for the LED, 95% of energy is used to drive the current and electrons that leads to illumination; therefore, we seldom encounter a thousand degrees inside LED. After selecting our 1620 Watt LED light, you would observe the huge difference of your electricity bill.

We provide LED outdoor lighting fixtures for athletic field lighting. Our LED flood lights are efficient and effective for all types of large-area venues.

MECREE Sports Lighting systems specializes in soccer field lighting, baseball field lighting, softball field lighting, football field lighting, rugby field lighting, track and field lighting, field hockey lighting, recreational field lighting and general purpose athletic field lighting.

1-to-1 HID to LED Conversions

MECREE Sports Lighting LED flood lights use our innovative active cooling system to deliver a higher lumens output from a lighter weight outdoor lighting fixture.

Reduce your energy consumption costs as much as 75% with LED light fixtures.

Athletic Field Lighting Control

MECREE Sports Lighting sports lighting control systems can be used to schedule gymnasium on and off times and to conserve energy, illuminate a gymnasium for facility maintenance, safety concerns or egress.

MECREE is a sports lighting manufacturer specializing in athletic field lighting.

Getting sports lighting right makes all the difference, no matter the venue. Whether it’s an arena, tennis court, golf course, driving range, baseball or softball field, indoor pool, gymnasium, outdoor pool, playground, paddock, or a horse arena, all athletic facilities have specific aspects to consider and needs to meet.

Sports lighting is something every facility operator and owner must take seriously. Not only is proper lighting crucial for success—it can make the difference between empty fields and a popular destination—but it’s also a key ingredient for the most important element of all: safety.

MECREE launches new 1340W LED high mast lighting system

Arenas come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are usually enclosed and oval-like in shape. Whether hosting concerts or sporting events, lighting arenas is unique in that these facilities include significant space dedicated to specific activities.

With audience seating, usually consisting of rows of seats surrounding the central performance area, it’s important to have the proper lighting for people to maneuver safely during the performance or game.

While arenas may be inside or outside and their construction may vary, they all require significant lighting when conditions are dark. As a result, many arenas feature high-powered flood lights to maintain safety and visibility for athletes and audience members alike.

Please feel free to contact Team MECREE for much info if you are interested to get the free photometric lighting design.

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MECREE launches new 1340W LED high mast lighting system

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