What is special about tennis court lighting?

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Tennis is a sport in which one - to - one singles and two - to - two doubles are common.Tennis has a large audience and the four grand slams have received special attention, including the Australian open (hard ground), Wimbledon (grass), French open (red earth) and us open (hard ground).

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Television broadcasting has long played an important role in influencing the evolution of lighting. Whether it is the four-year event such as the Olympic Games, or the Grand Slam tournaments such as French Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon, MECREE LED tennis lights play an important role.
LEDs enhance television broadcasts by eliminating slow-motion replays of strobes(which are common on metal halide lamps). Equipped with state-of-the-art MECREE LED court lighting, these clips can now play flicker-free at 20,000 frames per second, so fans can capture every second of the replay.
When using the MECREE LED tennis court lighting to illuminate the venue, the MECREE LED tennis court lighting can balance between the warm color and the cold color, so the image is brighter and clearer on TV. There are almost no shadows, glare or black spots, so the movements are clear and smooth. MECREE LED sports lighting system can also be adjusted according to the venue, the time of the match and the type of broadcast.

MECREE LED sports lighting system can enhance the experience of fans in the competition, with the help of the MECREE LED sports lighting system, fans have a better experience, not only improve the viewing of the competition, but also improve the participation of the audience. MECREE LED sports lighting has the function of instant opening, tennis matches are often 1-2 hours, and during the interval of competition, the function of MECREE LED can be opened at any time, and the effect of light is changed!
Efficient MECREE LED floodlight field characteristics of lamps and lanterns: patent heat dissipation structure design, heat dissipation area, the largest thermal conductivity performance is better, not only effectively reduce the LED node to heat up, and lower droop live longer, and product weight is lighter, namely open bright, high safety performance, are used on the market of the tennis court special LED lighting lamps and lanterns series products.

mecree tennis court lights led

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