MECREE fin type four-dimensional cooling design

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Do you still worry will stadium lighting have a strong glare affecting the game?
Do you worry about a floodlight with a 4D radiator and the largest heat dissipation area in a high temperature outdoor environment?
Do you want to select the best stadium lights for tennis courts?
Do you want to save cost for a football field lighting project?
Do you want to know how much can be saving energy for LED to the replacement of conventional lights?
Are you still worried about the quality of the LED stadium lights?

MECREE LED not only sell lights, we mainly do projects, so the quality and stability of lights are our pursuit. This is also an increasing number of sports lighting selected for MECREE sports lighting.
mecree led 4d cooling system
Most of the company use same chip and same power supply, apart from the chip and power supply, heat sink is the most import part. MECREE heat sink is the top 1 in the high power lighting field, we use four-dimensional cooling design, junction temperature<70℃, others at least >90℃. For the LED light, if junction temperature>70℃, light decay fall so quick and impact the lifespan.
mecree led 4d cooling system
MECREE heat sink with three times cutting patchwork, so thin and light, it not like others only with one time cutting formation and too heavy. And ours cooling area is 3-5 times bigger than others. And the heat sink has the Electrophoretic processing, which is Corrosion resistant. It not like others directly use aluminum and without any treatment and sharp. You can see the heat sink of our product as above picture show.
mecree led cooling system
Besides, we pay attention to each detail, waterproof IP68 box for power supply, even use the UL red glue for every screw to provent the screw get loose and fall after many years, and the lights bracket is pure Stainless steel, it won't get rust.
4d heat sink mecree floodlights
If you are having sport lighting projects at hand or should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us at email [email protected]

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