How did the new coronavirus spread in China? Interpretation for sports lighting manufacturers

623 Published by admin 02 26,2020

When people are preparing for the lunar New Year holiday
A new corona virus named the COVID-19 Is invading some human bodies.

Fortunately, although there were 42,714 confirmed cases as of February 11th, they were all controlled in time

Since February 3, the number of newly confirmed cases outside Hubei Province( origin of outbreak) has continued to decline for 9 days.

In controlling this sudden outbreak, the Chinese government has demonstrated unparalleled organizational capabilities

1.At the cal of the Chinese Government,
1.4 billion citizens across China all consciously stay at home
and wear masks even when they go out

2. Incredibly, it only took China 10 days to build two epidemic prevention hospital named” Thunder Mountain” and “Vulcan Mountain”, with a tota area of 58,900 square meters

3.At each traffic fort, the Chinese officials has set up temperature measurement stations to ensure that the virus will not circulate nationwide

Actually, due to the joint of the Chinese people, the mortality rate of the disease is only 2.3%( far lower than other injections diseases), and the cure rate has reached 9.4% now.

MECREE reminder


1.The corona virus can not survive 48 hours of exposure to dry conditions.

2.Wearing a mask does not mean unhealthy, it’s a way to avoid the risk of being infected by the virus.

Even after the holiday are over, many factories are still unable to begin normal cooperation until March due to the low return rate of worker. MECREE has done a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and returned to normal work.

We believe the epidemic will end soon.

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