2022 Most Popular Stadium Lighting Control System-DMX512

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With the development of LED technology, the current lighting industry has been lead by LED, and LED control system has also emerged.

The control mode is mainly used in outdoor landscape lighting, such as stadium, ancient architectural lighting etc. Although static lighting effect can give a person true, quiet feeling, but dynamic lighting effect can also be seen everywhere. The most common outdoor control system is DMX512.

What’s the DMX512?

DMX512 (Digital Multiplex) is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting and effects. It was originally intended as a standardized method for controlling light dimmers, which, prior to DMX512, had employed various incompatible proprietary protocols.

DMX512 lighting control system is made of the Demo effect design software,main control panel and LED lamps, each DMX512 controller can drive 512 channels. It is not mean a luminaire, a luminaire may have multiple control channels. For example, a group of RGB is regarded as 3 control channels, then the controller can drive at most 170 lamps not 512 lamps, if need to use more than 512 channels, then multiple controllers can be used to work in parallel to synchronize information for synchronization work.

How to use dmx 512? How to use dmx 512 controller?

What is a dmx decoder?

How to Program the scenes you need?

To set a scene, long press the program key for 3 seconds until the program key flashes, then choose the lamps, press #1 to light up the corresponding no.1 lamp, and it changes by controlling the push rod, if press the #1-12 lamps, then all lights control by the push rod at the same time, adjust the position of the light, set the light effect you need, press the MIDI/ADD button, press Bank button to choose to store digital number, then press 1-8 any stored in the scenes, all Indicator lights will flash 3times, keep pressing the program key for 3 seconds, exit programming, blackout light will light up, press it to extinguish (All operations that enter a programming state need to exit the program in this way).

What’s the advantages of DMX512 Lighting System?


Create an exciting viewing experience for the spectators inside the stadium

The breathtaking light show attracts live fans and live audience, injecting wonderful vitality into various activities. Special lighting effects ignite passion, so that the team and performing arts stars and the audience into one.

Improve the audience experience

Create stunning lighting effects, with sound effects music, make every game, every performance are stunning.

Revenue keeps raising

Through multi-function venue strategy, provide special lighting effect for high-end entertainment activities and attract more events.

Meet the latest broadcasting requirements and sports league standards

Flicker-free LED lighting conforms to HD photography and ultra-slow motion playback standards

Create safe venues

The high quality lighting effect ensures the same comfort and safety for competitors and spectators, and can focus on the competition or stage performance while improving the flow of people.

Lower operating costs

Energy-efficient LED lighting and control systems promote sustainable development and simplify maintenance.

What’s the difference between DMX and DALI?


  1. DMX or Digital Multiplexing is a fast speed control system, while DALI or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface is a slow speed control system.
  2. A DMX can have up to 512 connections while in DALI max connections are 64 only.
  3. In the DMX system, automatic addressing cannot be performed while in a DALI system automatic addressing is possible.
  4. While in both systems the cable length is 300 meters, yet in DMX the cable requirement is Cat-5.
  5. DMX is a centralized control panel while DALI is a decentralized control system.

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