Lighting in Low Temperature Areas

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What is low temperature lighting?

When the environment temperature is below 5 to 15℃, we need lighting in low temperature. Compared with ordinary lamps, LED floodlights are specially protected when they are used in cold storage warehouse lighting, cold storage food processing, ice factory, supermarket, pharmaceutical factory, chemical plant, ski resort, ice rink and so on. In the past, CFL was the main light source due to its price and supply. However, there are many advantages to using LED lights in low ambient temperature areas. Replacing metal halides, halogens, HPS, LPS and CFL with LED lamps has become the best choice.

Why do we replace CFL or HID with LED floodlights in cold storage?

In normal environment, the lighting efficiency of CFL reaches 90 lm/w. However, this value decreases significantly with the ambient temperature. In extreme cases, the efficiency drops about 30% to 40% when the temperature is below 5℃. This is similar when using MH or other HID lighting solutions. In addition, many studies have shown that prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures can shorten the life of CFL and MH lamps. Therefore, we can see that the lighting performance of these traditional lighting is negatively affected in low-temperature applications. Now let’s look at the effect of using LED lights.

1.the lower the temperature, the brighter it will be

LED floodlights are very hardy. As can be seen from the figure above, the white, red and blue light output even increases as the junction temperature decreases (inside the chip). -20 to 0℃ – the extreme cold environment is suitable for cold storage warehouse lighting, ice-making factory lighting, etc. Therefore, extreme low temperature will have no negative impact on LED life and brightness.

2.refrigerated warehouse and ice plant lighting should emit less heat

In order to store frozen foods, ice, dry ice, chemicals, and anything that is more stable in a frozen environment, lighting that generates negligible heat must be used. Incandescent, MH, or HPS lights convert a lot of energy into heat rather than light, so these lights contribute a lot to the temperature rising in the refrigerated room, so we need additional air-conditioning power to suppress the ambient temperature again before replacing the LED.
LED lighting has a unique working mechanism, which can convert more than 90% of energy into light rather than heat. LED floodlights save energy in two ways – the light itself and the air conditioning.

3. high CRI lighting attracts more customers for commercial refrigeration and food display

Customer behavior and retention at grocery stores and supermarkets are affected by product displays. If items are easy to find and comfortable to look at, all potential customers in the store are willing to put them in the cart. But now the question is, how do you make things more attractive? CRI of illumination is a secret.
LED lighting has the advantage of operating at low ambient temperatures while maintaining a good CRI level. Customers can see the “real color” of the higher CRI lighting products. All our LED lights have CRI levels ranging from 80 to 95, depending on the lights models.

4. choose lighting with longer service life

Do you often change CFL or HID lamps in cold environment? The maximum CFL service time is 10,000 to 15,000 hours, while our LED lights service time is more than 80,000 hours. By retrofitting our LED floodlights in refrigerated warehouses, you can enjoy over 27 years of use without significantly lowering the brightness.

5.determine the color temperature of outdoor sports lighting

Ski resort lighting can working temperature is -20℃, even lower. You can determine the color temperature by yourself. Warm white light is recommended to reduce glare and make white light more exciting. Our LED lights in low temperature, -40 to 50℃, can work as usual, applicable to the general or outdoor snow storm area. If the weather conditions are extremely severe, our LED lights have IP66 and special electrophoresis treatment corrosion protection structure, so you don’t need to worry about it.

6. color changing light of ice castle

RGB LED floodlights can produce 16 million colors with DMX512. LED floodlights combine all the functions of low operating temperature, water resistance, long life and heat reduction. It is the best lighting solution for ice castles or sculptures.


If you are interested and need advice on lighting in low temperature areas, Mecree 100-5000W floodlights with professional engineer team can help you. Please feel free to contact us via [email protected] for free lighting advice anytime. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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