Led Parking Lot lights – 300w led light replace 1000w metal halide lamp

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Led parking lot lights is necessary for keeping safety of each area. Led floodlight is the best choice which only need the lowest energy cost and maintenance cost. Besides, because of its most energy saving and durability, it’s more and more popular now. If the area is large, you can choose 300w led parking lot lights, and it can replace 1000w MH lamp. Let’s look for more details.

What’s the parking lot lighting standards?

1.On the premise of achieving sufficient illumination, use high-efficiency and energy-saving Led parking lot lights. Because the underground parking lot has a very long lighting time. If use traditional lamp, the initial cost may be slightly lower, but the later operating costs will be very high.
2.Using Led parking lot lights with long-life, low-light decay, parking lot lighting time is long, if use the light with short life, the subsequent maintenance is very high.

3.The illumination of the entrance and exit should be properly increased to reduce the “ white hole “and “ black hole” effect.
4.The lane lighting is the master, and the parking space lighting is the auxiliary .
5.The brightness need to be depended on where the parking lot light pole, and the size of the area. Such as if for lighting near the bank, it will need to be more brighter.

6.For outdoor parking lot, there are two ways to arrange the lighting:
The first one is common way like street light: The height of the parking lot pole is about 6-8m, the distance between each pole is about 20-25m. You need to choose the small watts.
The second one is high mast lighting: The height of pole is about 20-25m, you need to choose the big watts.

What are the lux level for each parking lot area?

The lux level of underground parking lot is divided into two aspects:
If in the uptown, the lux level is about 30lux
If in the public area, the lux level is about 50lux
To achieve sufficient illumination and illuminance average, the illumination requirements of outdoor parking lots are much higher than the underground parking, and the average illumination should be at least 50 lux.

How many watts you should choose?

If there existed old lamp such as 1000w MH lamp, you only need choose 300w led parking lot lights. If you aren’t sure, we can do free parking lot lighting design calculator. Then we can see how many lights and watts are best for you.

What are the advantages when using Led parking lot lights?

1.Better for security
The uniform and bright lights can ensure identifying the crime behavior under CCTV.
Ensuring that all ground markers can be clearly displayed, so that the driver can enter or exit without running into obstacles or other vehicles and people due to insufficient lighting.
The following pictures for your comparison.

2.Create the best environment for users
To prevent from affecting visitors and passer-by, there must be no any spill light. Mecree led with Anti-glare and flicker-free ensure cozy and non-irritating, which gives drivers a good vision. We also can change the layout of parking lot pole to improve the environment.

3.Varieties of lights for your option
Mecree Led have 100-5000w led parking lot lights with different model, you can choose each one you need. Besides, we also can do customized products based on your requirement.
4.Energy saving
The traditional lamp is about 20-30lm/w while Led lights are 160lm/w, it can reduce at least 85% energy saving. 400w or 1000w MH lamp will cost at least 210usd or 530usd for each pcs light in each year maintaining, while if use led paring lot lights, you can save at least 1200usd for a single area in each year.

5.Advanced cooling system
Mecree Led lights with 4D cooling system, each fin is thin and tight to make the cooling area is the biggest for same wattage. Junction temperature<65℃. If >100℃, they will be fired and cause the safety problem, how much dangerous it will be for so many cars and people there.
6.No UV radiation
Led lights with no UV radiation, most friendly environmental. That’s why it’s more and more popular now. UV radiation will damage our skin, our eyes in a large extent.
7.Long lifespan and less maintenance
You can also enjoy the lifespan>80000hrs which is for parking lot lights. It is no exaggeration to say that it can be used for at least 25 years when was lighted up 8hrs each day. Because of the high expenses of old lamp in long term, why not to change Led parking lot lights?

If you want to obtain the most favorite and new price of the following led parking lot lights, pls send us the email to [email protected], we will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your reading.

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