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A modern stadium must have a good lighting environment to ensure visual effects and meet the lighting requirements of the audience, participants and TV broadcasts. So, do you really know how the stadium lighting is designed?
The four-corner luminaires are arranged in a concentrated manner with the poles at the corners of the competition venue. Until today, the lighting facilities of many stadiums are still arranged at four corners. Four light poles are set at the four corners of the venue. The tower height is generally 35-60m, and narrow beam lamps are commonly used. This type of arrangement is suitable for football venues with no canopy or low canopy height. In this way, the lighting utilization rate is low, the maintenance and repair is difficult, and the cost is high.
The multi-rod arrangement is a form of arrangement on both sides, and the two sides are arranged in combination with the lamp post or the building horse track, and are arranged in the form of clusters or continuous light strips on both sides of the playing field. As the name suggests, the multi-rod layout is to set up multiple sets of light poles (or light poles) on both sides of the site. Its outstanding advantage is that the electricity consumption is relatively low, and the vertical illumination and the horizontal illumination are better. Due to the low pole, this type of lamp has the advantages of less investment and convenient maintenance.
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The light strip arrangement is another form of arrangement on both sides, that is, the lighting system is arranged in rows on the sides of the court to form a continuous light strip. The lighting of the light belt is uniform, and the brightness between the athlete and the stadium is relatively good. At present, it is recognized in the world that the lighting method can meet the requirements of color television broadcasting, high-definition television broadcasting and even ultra-high-definition television broadcasting.
The length of the optical belt should exceed 10m above the goal line. For the Grade A and Super-grade comprehensive stadiums, the length of the optical belt is generally not less than 180m, and the projection angle of the luminaire should not be less than 25°. Some stadium lights are very close to the sideline of the site (the angle is above 65°), and the side of the site closer to the light band cannot get enough vertical illumination, so the rear lighting system should be added.

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