LED Outdoor Flood Luminaire from MECREE LED

80 Published by admin 03 26,2020

Lighting an outdoor environment after dark requires carefully selected lighting. MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires provide effective lighting to improve the function and safety of your space. Whether you are lighting a parking lot, driveway, building, or any other outdoor flood lighting application, you can trust the longevity and efficiency of MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires.

Clear Visibility and Reduced Visual Discomfort

Not only does MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaire provide efficient lighting, but it also provides clear lighting. With a color rendering index that is quite close to natural sunlight and glare-reducing technology built in to the luminaire’s standard design, the MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaire will brightly light your outdoor environment for greater safety, with a light that is easy on the eyes. With MECREE LED, you can have efficient lighting that is also quite comfortable for those who use or visit your facility.

Improve Visibility and Reduce Expenses with Outdoor Flood Lights from MECREE LED

If you need to improve or replace your outdoor flood lights and have a desire to reduce energy and maintenance costs while improving visibility, the solution is MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires. Find the right luminaire for your needs today and enjoy the benefits that better lighting will bring to your facility.

Efficient Flood Light Options with MECREE LED

The MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaire is the most energy efficient LED flood light in its class. Delivering 150 lumens per Watt, these LED flood light luminaires will effectively brighten your outdoor space while lowering your energy expenses by over 80 percent, depending on the application. If you are looking to save money while replacing your flood lights, consider replacing them with the highly efficient MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaire.

Save Time and Money with Fewer Light Replacements

Not only does the MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaire save money on energy costs, but it also saves money on traditional fixture/lamp replacement. With one of the longest rated lifetimes in the industry, the MECREE LED luminaires will last longer than the competition. MECREE LED achieves this through a patented cross ventilation thermal management system that protects the luminaire from heat damage.


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By creating continuous airflow with a proprietary technology, MECREE LED Flood Light Luminaires have an even longer lifespan than other LED lighting options. This means you will spend less time and resources replacing lights at your facility, because MECREE LED will deliver reliable performance day after day.

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