How does Lighting ensure the security of stadium?

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Many football games are held at night, this need enough and comfortable lighting for people to enjoy. The great environment and lighting effect of stadium impress fans to watch football. It also ensure safety and security. How does lighting ensure the security of outdoor and indoor for the stadium?

Football Field

It is the most important parts of the stadium, enough and right lighting is required for players and fans. There are many accidents appeared, players couldn’t watch their steps and fall off , even knocking off each other when passes balls to their teammates in poor lit area.

1. High uniformity and anti-glare lighting

Most manufactures only focus on the high brightness of LED Stadium lighting. With the higher sports lighting requirements, the quality of the lighting requirements has also increased accordingly.

Mecree Led pay more attention on the research and development of the optical technology including our newest unique secondary optical design and Asymmetric Angle Design. That Customized optics direct light onto the field and minimize glare from shining into the eyes of athletes. The LED system delivers unparalleled quality, controlling the light with pinpoint precision without creating glare or off-site spill.

With high uniformity and anti-glare lights, it won’t harm player’s eyes and improve their ability in the football match. Which greatly improve the security.

Some area may surrounded by ocean (Island), most infrastructure have to withstand wind, salt water, humidity. You may concern the security problem of products will turn rusty after being installed like the following pic or can’t withstand high winds.

2. Anti-corrosion Lighting

We have anti-corrosion treatment which is different from other lights. We process with electrophresis and powder-painted treatment for the heat sink, and powder-painted treatment for the rest light body. Which is enough to resist corrosion.

3. Firm Bracket

We pass IK10, which stands for the Level of protection against strong strike. Besides, our lights can resistant 12 level hurricane. Besides, our bracket with intern bending design, which is at least 5 time stable than “one piece type” bracket. Like the following comparison.

4. Special Consideration

One of our clients told us that there are many tiny birds nesting on the luminaries because of the warmth. If the bird’s nest on the heat sink, and the temperature is too high, It’s easy to cause a fire. Birds’ nesting everywhere, think about if the high mast light near the gas station, near the sea port, and a fire in a bird’s nest fall down, what will happened? How dangerous it will be! Even we can’t image consequence.

How to ensure the security? Our frame and heat sink of lights have special surface treatment, electrophoresis and dusting which have Insulation function. Besides, Mecree Led stadium lights with advanced cooling system with 4D heat dissipation technology, junction temperature< 65℃, more stable and 20 years longer life, while others >100℃, failed very quickly just within 2 years.

Parking Lot Areas

Except football field, there are many cameras existed in Parking lot areas, bright and soft lighting ensures the clear images can be captured. In another side, good lighting system with motion sensor can scare the thief away.

To improve the security, great lighting system without shadows. You are always safer walking in well-lit areas, where you can see everything around you and others can see you.


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How do the motion sensor and Led Flood lights effective?

The motion sensor will turn on the lights when there is any people or any movements. In this case, it will scare off any thief. Led Flood lights give off bright illumination for the each area, Burglars can keep away from all the lighting.


The security of players and stadium fans is of top priority, the costs cannot be any excuse to buy bad quality lights. The best happiest thing is when people impressed by the game and feel safe in their lives.

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