LED Light for Volleyball Court

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MECREE supply lighting for volleyball court, which is compatible to world-class tournament such as FIVB of Three World Events. Lights are one of the indispensable parts for game play – a good flood lighting system invigorates the volleyball game and enhance the performance of the players. We offer the best LED lighting for volleyball court that save 80% energy after replacing the halogen, MHL or HPS lamps, from 500 watt, 1000 watt to 2000 watt. Our patented 4D heat sink, the biggest cooling area, ventilation around, Junction temperature <65 °C, for longer lifespan>100000hrs. The radiator is our patent, and designed by 2 years. You know ,the heat sink is the most important to the light.
outdoor volleyball court lighting
The standard venue of the main competition area is 18M*9M. The buffer zone is generally 3M outside the edge line, 3M outside the bottom line, 5M outside the international standard side line and 8 meters outside the bottom line. The space above the site is generally 7M, and there is no obstacle within the international standard of 12.5M. Calculate the ratio of the E minimum to the maximum of the four faces of the point.
volleyball court lighting

Standard of Volleyball Court Lighting

Position Illumination(Lux) Eavg(minimum) Eh.ave Horizontal Direction Vertical Direction
Emin/Emax Emin/Eave Emin/Emax Emin/Eave
Audience(C1 camera) 0.3 0.5
Eh.ave.FOP/Ev.ave.FOP.FOP ≥75 and ≤1.5
Eh.ave.TPA/Ev.ave.TPA ≥0.5 and ≤0.2
Eh.ave.TPA/Ev.ave.FOP 0.5~0.7
Calculate the ratio of the Ev min to the max of the four faces of the point ≥0.6
Ev.ave.CI.spec/Ev.ave.CI.fop ≥0.1  and ≤0.2
Ev.min.TRZ Ev.ave.FOP
Illuminance gradient UG-FOP(1m) ≤20%
UG-TPA(4m) ≤10%
Auditorium (main camera direction) ≤20%
Light Source CRI Ra ≥90
Tk 5600K
Camera glare rating(GR) ≤40

1. the location of the camera is determined by the television relay company.
2. Ev.min is the minimum value of any point, not the minimum average.
3. the auditorium front 12 rows of sitting height tilt calculation plane, the average illumination after the 12 row is decreasing.
4. The ratio of Ev. min to Ev. Max is equal to or greater than 0.6 at any point on the four planes vertically intersecting the ground.
5. abbreviation and definition:
FOP: Main area, refers to the area between the bilateral line and the end line.
TPA: The venue includes buffer areas outside the venue.
Cam: Cameras, C1 cameras are the main cameras.
AMZ: The area of the bowling line and the end line.
How does MECREE with powerful lighting products and professional lighting design team light up FIVB.
Best LED light for Volleyball court
Volleyball court lighting arrangement mainly adopts direct lighting, direct lighting can give full play to the effectiveness of the sports lighting system, high efficiency, energy-saving effect, is the mainstream system in the world.

1. The Lux Level Required

According to the GAISF volleyball lighting standard. Amateur level illumination is required from 150LUX to 600LUX, and professional competition is from 600LUX to 2000LUX.
Mecree Led have more than 6 years experiences in Led lighting project, we can offer you Dialux simulation to see how many Lux and lights etc you required.
volleyball court lighting design

2. Lighting Uniformity Standard and anti-glare

What is the uniformity? It represents the ratio of the smallest lux to the maximum lux in the volleyball court, or the ratio of the average lux to the maximum lux. The best lighting system should have as high a uniformity as possible to avoid unnecessary dark areas.
Mecree led has advanced optical technology, calculate optical lends, PC material , light transmittance> 98%. In order to offer a best conditions for athletes, audience, referee, there is no over-bright or over-dark situation when bright the areas. For example, if for HDTV broadcast, the illumination can not vary greatly otherwise it will cause camera exposure.

3. No warm-up time or flicker-free

The maximum speed of volleyball and hands is around 130 to 150 km/h. Our LED lights support 6000 Hz high speed cameras. Therefore, we will never miss any critical moments.
Below is the hot series for volleyball court: 400W/800W/1000W
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