What Kind of Challenges is High Power 2400W Facing?

509 Published by admin 09 19,2018

It is hard for ordinary people to imagine what kind of challenges high power 2400w is facing. In the face of these challenges, how can our R&D personnel solve the problems and challenges? Let me explain it one by one.

The First Challenge – Heat Dissipation

The GL-SPL series LED sport light of MECREE uses a small luminous surface COB chip, and the luminous area‘s radius is 18mm. There are hundreds of LED chips on this luminous surface. We use common sense to analyze how to solve the problem of heat dissipation. Even if the 200W is full power light, immerse it in the water, the heat conduction of water is far from solving the heat dissipation problem of 18mm.
It is also a huge challenge for us. MECREE’s R&D, over a year of research and experiment, eventually adopted a new superconducting technology. This heat conduction rate is more than 1500 times that of ordinary metals, up to 300,000 W/mk. Ordinary metals such as aluminum and copper conduct heat at speeds between 100 and 350 W/mk.
mecree superconducting material

The Second Challenges – Structure

We have solved the problem of cooling materials, followed by the whole structure. How to synthesize LED chips and superconducting materials with the smallest distance, so that it does not produce loss in the heat conduction process, but also take into account waterproof, stability, and other factors.
This product adopts electroplating process, aluminum alloy and copper surface, this Yong auto reflow soldering. To ensure the speed of heat transfer, reduce thermal resistance, and other core structures determine the performance of the entire product.

The Third Challenges – Optical Structure

In order to make full use of the light on a large luminous surface and effectively illuminate the target area, we will change the beam angle. We know that the larger the luminous surface, the harder to solve the problem of optical structure. Ordinary products, changing the beam angle, can be a flashlight reflector. However, it is still difficult to ensure the production of residual light, backward light and other color light.

MECREE LED Optical Structure

Special light distribution technology that increases the center light intensity after multiple reflections. The central light intensity is 2-5 times than the same power in high power industry.
MECREE LED Optical Structure

MECREE LED Optical Structure

MECREE LED Optical Structure

MECREE LED Optical Structure

Industry LED Optical Structure

MECREE LED Optical Structure
GL-SPL series by professional design engineers after half a year of research and development and simulation, the ultimate choice of unique lighting technology to effectively improve the utilization of light, reverse light to a minimum, enhance the center of light intensity.

Cooling System

Total fin area: 29,200cm2
Total heat dissipation area of the round plate: 3,180cm2

Super Conducting Heat Pipe

super conducting heat pipe stadium lighting
Reflecting 360° of the whole lamp radiator is a circular design, and each fin is not a conjoined body. This design can play a very good role in air convection. Each heat pipe is equipped with 4 heat sinks, and there are many holes on the heat sink. The purpose is to allow air convection to take heat more quickly.
led stadium lights details
This new model adopt super heat conductive pipe, the world’s fastest superconducting material, which heat transfer coefficient up to 300,000w/mk.
Each COB center has its independent heat pipe at the bottom which will transfer the heat promptly and quickly generated by the LED sport light.
The new superconducting heat pipe and fins riveting patented technology:effective contact area, riveting firm, low thermal resistance, faster thermal conductivity.
Patented technology for uniform temperature structure: the heat of the COB light source is transmitted heat promptly to each heat sink in 360 degree, and heat exchange is fully performed with the space environment to achieve speedy cooling.
After the above explanation, believe that you have a certain understanding of this product. If you want to know more details, please send an email to [email protected] We will reply you within 24 hours.

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