The importance of anti – overflow and glare

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With the development of The Times, people have higher requirements on the lighting of the playground, especially the professional competition land, no matter it is the overall illumination requirement or the even degree of lighting, especially the control requirements of anti-glare and overflow light, all of them are perfect. Therefore, Mecree LED is specialized in the research and design of stadium lighting, which enjoys a certain status in the international arena.

1.The brand of light source

Mecree LED adopts COB light source chip of Citizen, which has relatively concentrated light source, and the driving power of a single chip is up to 150~200W. Each chip is independent and will not affect each other, so it is easier to replace

2.The design of lens and reflective cup

Customized 18 mm diameter aluminum reflective cup plus glass lens, better use of the principle of optical refraction, large area reflective cup to create more space reflection overflow, dual design with each other to form a unique advantage.

3.Light distribution principle

Most of the LED stadium lights in the industry only use the refraction of reflective cups, so they only use part of the overflow light.
However, our secondary optical principle design is to use the original overflow light for refraction, and then focus the intensity of the center light, so as to enhance the distance with light, so that the light is 2~2.5 times stronger than ordinary LED lamps

4.Practical application in sports field

It can focus on the effective use of overflow light, so as to achieve better results with fewer lamps and lanterns. In actual competitions, too much glare of stadium lights directly affects the appreciation of the audience, and seriously affects the normal play of athletes
Some sports venues are close to residents’ living areas, so excessive overflow will affect residents’ living environment. Therefore, Mecree LED pays attention to the impact on the beautiful ecological environment

5.Compare with SMD products

The disadvantage of SMD light source is that the center light intensity is not concentrated, astigmatism is more obvious, not suitable for long-distance irradiation
COB products are more suitable for professional sports fields, because they are better in terms of stability and scheme control. The number of total lamps used by SMD lamps will increase, which increases the cost of transportation and installation, as well as later maintenance and electricity bills. Lead to the increase of total cost, and the effect is not as good as COB lamps

You must be equipped with the most professional equipment,MECREE will use its own professional to provide you with more suitable led sport lighting. If you have more questions or requirement, please inquiry to [email protected] We will reply you within 24 hours.

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