Best LED Airport Lighting System, Let Passengers Feel Relaxed and Safe

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With the increasing economic level of people, the number of people traveling or on business has grown rapidly, and shopping malls, hotels, businesses, and logistics have become an indispensable part of airport construction. At the same time, LED lighting has been regarded as a key element in reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, ensuring safety and sustainable development.


Whether arriving or departing, passengers need to feel relaxed at the airport. The comfortable environment can relax people’s body and mind and be in a happy mood. LED lighting is the most important link in creating a safe and exciting environment. In addition, high-quality lighting makes important signs and information clear and easy to read to provide quick guidance. Bringing passengers a good visual experience is what makes your airport their first choice.

The airport lighting is mainly distributed in the terminal building, the airport’s landside lighting, and the apron. The terminal building is usually the first stop to impress passengers.

Arrival and departure hall

Arrival and departure halls are probably the busiest areas in the airport. Travelers need to find their way in this strange and often chaotic environment. A well-designed lighting system can easily guide them to their destination, so that the environment of the departure hall is comfortable and quiet, alleviating the irritability of waiting for the flight, especially in the case of flight delays.

Check-in and information desks

High-quality lighting helps employees interact with passengers and check passengers’ passports and related documents, making the airport experience easier and more time-saving and efficient. Waiting for the team to complete the process more smoothly, everyone can remain calm and calm.

Connection area and automatic trails

Airports usually operate around the clock, so connecting areas and automatic walkways are the lifeblood of airports. They link different areas.

Guide passengers to easily move between the various areas of the airport with clear routes. Using a low-brightness lighting system in a busy transit area, which can create a sense of tranquility and comfort. The use of brighter ambient lighting on the automatic walkway enhances the sense of efficiency and speed.

Customs and passport inspection

Security is critical to the safe operation of the airport and the reputation of the airport. Passengers hope that the inspection of documents and documents can be completed quickly and efficiently, without the hassle of excessive formalities. At the same time, customs staff also need to demonstrate their authority and professionalism. Appropriate lighting can help the staff to concentrate, optimize customs facial recognition and passport inspection, increase passenger throughput, and improve the efficiency and safety of the entire process.

Security check area

As airport security issues have received more and more attention, passenger inspections have become stricter than ever. The search and scanning of passengers must be carried out in a manner that maintains the dignity of the passengers to ensure that the passengers feel respected and that the staff’s actions are unquestionable. The lighting allows customs officers to gain insight into the details, ensure that the security check does not leak water, and ensure the safety of everyone.

Baggage claim area

The baggage claim area usually contains a baggage carousel or transfer system, which delivers checked baggage to passengers. The process of waiting for baggage after getting off the plane may make passengers feel anxious.

The natural light illumination system that simulates the effect of daylight can provide guidance for passengers, making them more comfortable, so that they can quickly find the corresponding carousel and collect their luggage as soon as possible.

Baggage handling

Behind the busy operation of the airport, it is quite a stressful task to complete baggage handling and ensure that all processes are organized.

The natural light illumination system that simulates the effect of daylight can make the staff feel more comfortable and pleasant, and reduce the pressure of working in an enclosed space. This lighting also helps to focus attention, promote communication, and reduce the chance of baggage errors.

Air traffic control area

Air traffic control personnel can be said to be the core of airport operations and play an important role in the safe operation of airports. In order to ensure safe and punctual flight, they must provide accurate instructions to pilots around the clock, and no errors should be allowed. Whether it is day or night, the lighting system needs to create a suitable atmosphere, help them concentrate, and easily interpret complex instruments, which is a challenge.

Shopping malls and leisure areas

Create customized lighting design to attract passengers in the terminal to stay. A targeted and enjoyable experience stimulates people’s desire to shop, highlights key locations in the entire shopping area, and stimulates the interest of travelers to explore around.

Office and meeting area

The office and conference areas have been advancing with the times. In the past, the office had only a single purpose. Today, through the flexible configuration of various resources-especially lighting, the office has been transformed into a multifunctional space. The organization must invest more energy to support various activities and different types of employees in the office space.

Airport Landside Lighting

The airport is a must for millions of passengers to travel and vacation. But for millions of people living and working in the surrounding area, the airport is their neighbor. The Mecree lighting solution makes the landside of the airport safer and more enthusiastic without causing harmful light pollution or glare.

Parking lot

The parking lot is often the first stop for people to arrive at the airport, and therefore their first impression of the airport. The indoor parking lot without natural sunlight needs to give people a sense of safety and order through lighting. But because it uses all-weather lighting, environmental protection, energy saving, and cost-effectiveness are equally important.

Road and tunnel lighting

Some passengers arrive at the airport early and spend hours here, and some passengers arrive in a hurry at the last minute, but no matter what kind of passengers, how to navigate to the right airport road or go through the tunnel to find the right parking The field or the right terminal is a difficult task. The safety of drivers and pedestrians should be given top priority. Adding appropriate outdoor lighting to the signage can help increase traffic and passenger flow and reduce accidents.

The airport side is extremely busy, so safety and efficiency are essential. The brightness of the lighting should be sufficient for the staff to work efficiently, but it will not cause glare and discomfort.


The apron area is used for aircraft parking for loading and unloading cargo, luggage and passengers. The apron needs effective lighting in order to perform important operations such as fueling or safety inspections.

The bright white light can help staff easily move goods and food, refuel, and accurately read information. At the same time, this kind of light can also let passengers waiting at the boarding gate to see that the safety regulations are strictly observed, so they feel relieved.


Logistics personnel need to carry out various routine maintenance and maintenance work. Efficient lighting is the key to ensuring operational efficiency. The bright white light not only improves visibility, but also keeps night shift staff alert and focused. In this way, the airport will be able to minimize business interruptions and obtain a better safety record.

Learn more about industrial lighting.

Logistics area

It is important to ensure the safety of employees in the logistics area. White LED lighting with high consistency and directionality helps eliminate shadows and dark corners that can cause accidents. The Mecree lighting system is flexible and easy to use and can provide just the right intensity of lighting when and where it is needed, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of airport operations. We will work with you to meet your lighting needs and help create advanced lighting systems that are simple to use and have complete performance.
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