300W LED Floodlighting for Race Track field in Germany

737 Published by admin 07 13,2018

Do you want to do the best lighting design for your project?
Do you want to know what lights are used in the World Cup football field lighting project?
Do you want to know how to keep LED lights maintenance cost be minimized?
Do you want to have high lumen output, super brightness high power LED sports lights?
Do you want to a powerful supplier can provide a whole series service including solution, lights, cable, poles and so on?
Do you still worry the spillover light affect the surrounding of sports lighting?

300W LED Floodlighting for Race Track field in Germany

Our customer installed 20pcs sports floodlights (GL-FL-300W) with customized bracket for their Race track field.
Our customer is very satisfied the result of our led outdoor arena lights for their sports field.
Such as the fitting accuracy of the new LED luminaires in the existing mounting frames, as well as the improvement of the new light values ​​by more than 300% while reducing energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions, special luminaire special tooling was required.
And Mecree meet these requirements, choose Mecree is a good choice.

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