500W LED Floodlight for Cycle Track in Swizerland

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500W LED Floodlight for Cycle Track in Swizerland

Project Label: BMX stadium

Basic info:
Size of Cycle Track: standard size
Pole Height: 6m
Product Used: 500w floodlight
– Using 6pcs 500W Stadium LED Flood Light (GL-FL-500W)
– Beam Angle: 60°
– CCT of LED light: 5000K

Installation date: June,2016

BMX stadium installed one pc 500w led floodlights for sport fields (GL-FL-500W) first to test. And they wanted to see the impact of the zone and the light field to have a minimum of floodlights to install from the test.
After testing, our customer’ feedback for the results are better as expected. And they were really surprise by the efficiency of the floodlight.
At last they total installed 6pcs 500w which provided by Mecree stadium lighting design with 6pc pole for their cycle track, the result made them feel very happy.

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