300W Stadium LED Flood Light

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stadium lighting led

300W Stadium LED Flood Light

Our customer installed 110pcs 300w stadium lighting fixtures(GL-FL-300W) provided by Mecree for their indoor stadium.

And our customer requested the new led lights for indoor stadium should meet the latest standard for TV transmission quality in a flicker-free slow motion mode. For installation at a height of 22 meters, the LED stadium lighting fixtures (GL-FL series 300w) produced by Mecree was installed. With the newly installed DMX control, which has both two stationary control units as well as individual laptop and iPad configuration options, a solution has been created for every event challenge.

And they said the effects of our 300W Stadium LED Flood Lights is far exceeded their expectations - both energetically, visually and functionally. The high efficiency has reduced energy consumption by 70%, while the intensity of illumination has improved by 348%.

mecree stadium lighting led
mecree stadium light led

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