Most Suitable Led Flood Lights and 50 applications

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What are the most suitable Led flood lights? There are varieties of lighting such as Led lights, MH lamp, HPS and fluorescent. The most cost saving are Led lights because of it’s long lifespan>80000hrs and high quality. According to the guidebook of Department of Energy’s outdoor Led area Lighting, we think Led lights with better performance, durability, real waterproof and dust proof. Besides, the uniform lighting and high light efficiency 160lm/w keeps people enjoy a perfect vision. This page is going to talk about 60 most suitable Led floodlight including specially and harsh areas such as seaport, shipping and other applications.

Why Our Led is the most Suitable Led Flood Lights?

1.Most Durability

Led lights don’t contain the fragile parts such as filament and brittle glass. Because of it’s high durability, you can save a lot for maintaining. Plus Led lights with high lifespan>80000hrs while traditional lamp such as metal halide < 1000hrs, it is obvious that Led lights are at least 8 to 10 times more cost saving and long-lasting than the others. Our Led luminaries pass L70 for lifespan>80000hrs, that is to say it can be operated for 27 years if lighted up for 8 hrs each day. It is not only good for our earth, but also make you get rid of frequently maintain and reduce your cost to a large extend. It’s worthy of investment because of it’s most durability. If you have a large area such as sports stadium, then Led Flood Lights are the best choice.

2.Real Waterproof and dust-proof

Some area happens thunder, heavy snow and dust and strong wind, especially in European countries. Mecree Led outdoor lights pass ip67 certificates, which means that it is real waterproof and dust-proof. Based on the professional outdoor lighting guidebook, ip65 is enough. If it becomes dirty, you can clean easily by using water jet.
Besides, outdoor Led lights are aluminum alloy body with electrophoresis and powder painted treatment, keep the lights more anti-corrosive.

3.Perfect cooling system

Perfect cooling system can bring many advantages for you. First, it can prevent from safety problem. Some country such as in Saudi Arabia, it’s hot all year, if the lights>100 ℃,it will easily catch fire. Mecree led lights make each fin very thin and light, junction temperature<65℃. Making all lights all safe.
Second, good heat sink affects the lifespan directly.
Third, good heat sink affects the light decay indirectly. Mecree led floodlight with light decay<5% (In 5 years), while other lights will >80% in several month.
Light decay refers to the lower part that the light intensity of LED will be lower than the original after it is lit for a period of time. So Led lights is bright all the time.

4.High CRI and uniformity

CRI refer to the comparison between the color of the light source on the object and the color of the object itself. The higher the CRI is, the better the reducibility will be.
Mecree Led flood light with high CRI>80, if need to used in hospital, the surgeon can easily see the reality and make the operation more successful.

5.Flicker-free Led Flood Light

If you hold a large and professional competitions, the lights are flickering all the time. The players and the audiences feel very uncomfortable, and the camera couldn’t catch the slow motion. So our led food lights pass the test of flicker-free. You can enjoy a perfect competition.

6.Energy Saving

Led Flood Lights are 160lm/w while traditional lamp is only 50-100 lm/w. According to statistics, the electricity bill is about 10 billion each year, after replacing Led flood lights, you will save about 120000usd each year.

7.Anti-glare and light pollution

To keep the environment more harmony, especially for outdoor security lighting and street lighting, glare and light pollution will affect the life quality of people and other animals.

We designed advanced optical technology and precision light distribution system, keep the light more uniformity.

8.Led Light emit no UV & IR

You will easily find that the wavelength of MH lamp higher than 700 nm. That means it has UV and IR emitted. Using Led technology can completely get rid of the harmful UV and IR. We will offer you the precise spectrum to prevent from making people worried about the problem that UV will cause skin cancer.

9.Module design, easy for repairing

There may be operation error that cause some part failed. We consider making it convenient to repaire and saving cost in a large extent, designing module model. Each chip is operated independently, if one failed, you only need change the bad one easily. Of course we will offer you the new one by free.

10.The most suitable weight

Maybe you will worry about whether the light pole can bear the lights or not? We are mainly doing each lighting project, our lights are the best suitable weight in different light pole. Too light stands for reduce material, too heavy will cost more to replace it.

50 applications

Here, you will find the our Led lighting suitable for each area even in harsh environment.

1. Apron Lighting
2. Airport lights
3. High building Led lights- For decoration
4. Stadium lights
5. Shopping center lighting
6. Led office lighting
7. Meeting room
8. The nurse home lighting
9. School lighting
10. Led warehouse lighting
11.Led hospital lighting
12. Football field lights
13. Led playground lighting
14. Tennis court lighting
15. Basketball court lights
16. Golf course lighting
17. Led rugby field lighting
18. Led skinning field lighting
19. Racing tracking lighting
20. Badminton court lighting
21. Baseball lights
22. Cricket light
23. Golf court lighting
24. Stage lighting
25. Museum led lighting
26. Movie theater lighting
27. Art studio lighting
28. Led architecture lighting
29. Factory lighting
30. Led garage lighting
31. Led Distribution center
32. Seaport lighting
33. Billboard lighting
34. Backyard lighting
35. Outdoor parking lot lighting
36. Underground parking lot lighting
37. Photostudio lighting
38. Aquarium lighting
39. High mast lighting
40. Container lighting
41. Lighting tower
42. Arena lighting
43. Horse arena lights
44. Horse race lighting
45. Horse school lighting
46. Comprehensive lighting
47. Beach volleyball lights
48. Temple lights
49. Led Farming lights
50. Gas station
The following pictures are the hot sale products suitable for each area. If you have similar project or any other lighting project, pls contact us on [email protected] for more information.

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