Stadium Lights Standards for HD TV Broadcasting

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In terms of resolution, 4K has a resolution of 3,840 × 2,160 pixels, while 8K has a resolution of 7,680 × 4,320 pixels, four times that of 4K TV. If you watch a blu-ray movie on an 8K TV, the picture takes up only 1/16 of the screen.

In addition, the horizontal viewing Angle of 4K TV is only 55° resolution, while the horizontal viewing Angle of 8K TV is 100°, which is absolutely exciting. This is the best display environment that 360° panoramic display technology has not been launched yet.

Tokyo Olympic Games using 8K technology for video broadcasting, to watch the video users to bring ultra high definition visual enjoyment, promoting a technological innovation. The stadium lighting is also a new challenge.

Lighting standards for Senior stadiums

1. Lighting uniformity design requirements

This standard is a direct consideration of U1(the ratio of the minimum illuminance to the maximum illuminance) and U2 (the ratio of the minimum illuminance to the uniform illuminance). The closer the ratio is to 1, the more delicate the uniformity is presented and the overall visual experience is excellent. So we usually design the horizontal and vertical uniformity close to 1.

2. Horizontal illumination measurement standard

Lighting standards all have specific regulations on lighting detection, and the measurement site size and grid point of each movement are specified in detail. For example, the measurement site of football field is 105 m×68 m. The spacing of grid points is 10 m, and 77 grid points are measured. Other sports also have corresponding regulations.

3. Requirements for vertical illumination acceptance

Vertical illuminance is also important, especially for running people and moving targets in the air, to make the picture clearer on television. They are measured from 90°, 180°, 270° and other directions, so the acceptance of the standard is very strict, because it needs to adapt to the photography of cameras in different directions.

4. Color temperature selection

Our current trend of stadium lighting design is basically to be as close to sunlight as possible. As for the previous site design which was mainly close to yellow light, white light is more suitable for the needs of eyes and can be used for high-definition catching photography. So generally reference 5000-6200K color temperature.

5. Avoid flicker factors

Flicker phenomenon in the traditional lamp technology is very obvious, because of the working principle of the frequency problem caused. However, this problem has been completely solved in LED technology. So whether we watch with the naked eye, or in the filming process of the camera, the basic problem will not encounter flicker.

6. The importance of TLCI standards

TLCI completely simulates the specific color performance of TV cameras and displays. It uses 18 reference colors associated with recording and playback devices, allowing for more accurate evaluation of color rendering. As with CRI, this level is capped at 100, with the higher the better. With a TLCI of 85 or higher, cameras with little or no adjustment can be used.

7. Anti glare and spill light control

The feeling of vertigo will occur if the eyes are directed at the luminescent surface for a long time. Therefore, according to the sports lighting standard, the glare value of lamps in outdoor venues should be less than 50, and the glare value of indoor stadium light should be less than 20. As for the light themselves, anti-glare design can be made at the luminous surface of the light source, so not all high-power products can be used on the stadium ground.

The light pollution formed by the upward irradiation part of the circular luminous area of the overflow light will affect the environment, the surrounding residents and the rest and rest of birds. Most lamps and lanterns on the market just add a modeling cover.

8. Removing the shadow of the athlete

In the senior stadium, the requirements for shadows are very strict. We generally use 4-bar venues with 4 shadows, because the light comes from four directions. Therefore, the lighting arrangement of senior venues is basically a horse-path arrangement, which can effectively eliminate the existence of shadows and make the uniformity reach the best level.

9. Tracking and filling of camera

A new high-speed camera capture technology developed by a Chinese technology company has been used in the Winter Olympics to capture the highlights of every game for the audience and quickly capture the material for 8K broadcast. Therefore, some important areas of the venue need to keep up with the lighting in order to ensure the 8K broadcast demand.

10. The lifespan of the stadium light

For this level of site, the owner is also very careful to choose, generally choose to cooperate with well-known companies. But usually because of their brand effect, the final cost is very high. However, there are also some up-and-comers in the market. After years of research and development and time verification of project effects, they can also be trusted to configure these high-level sites. But there is no doubt that long-term quality assurance is very important. So our products can provide customers with a 10-year warranty.

11. Cost of installation and maintenance

In developed countries, the huge cost of labor for some artificial projects, so the installation and maintenance of stadium lighting should be considered seriously. Our engineers continue to carry out technical innovations for the stadium light concept of easy installation. And we can always achieve the same effect with fewer stadium light. Therefore, we not only save the installation cost in the early stage, but also contribute to the electricity cost in the later stage of operation. Moreover, we provide a 10-year warranty service for the site, during which customers will have little extra cost.


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