How Many Lumens Enough for Your Stadium Lights?

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LED Stadium lighting allows people to play sports games at night or when there is not enough natural lighting. Whether the sport is played at an international stadium or in the local football court, led stadium lighting is something that cannot be ignored. If you are considering to purchase led sports lighting, this article is just for you because it aims to answer all the questions you have regarding to lumens. LED Stadium lighting meets the functional requirements of players, the spectators, and for broadcasters to capture high-quality television broadcasts.

What does lumen mean?

When it comes to any type of stadium lighting, Lumens have become the most prominent unit of measurement for brightness, but what exactly are they? A lumen is a unit that describes the amount of stadium light provided over a given area. Each lumen is about equal to the light output of a single candle. Essentially, a lumen is a measurement of brightness itself.

If the light source gets covered by the right absorbing hemisphere, the system would start to radiate half of the luminous flux. In the simplest of words, lumen is a measure of the amount of visible light present in a defined angle or beam, or emitted from a source. The amount of lumens or candelas produced by a source depends on its spectrum through the nominal response of our eyes.

What Is The Difference Between Lumen And Lux?

One of the most important things that you need to know is the difference between lumen and lux. The difference between lumen and lux is that the lux takes into account the area over which the luminous flux (lumens) is spread. A flux of 1000 lumens, concentrated into an area of one square metre, lights up that square metre with an illuminance of 1000 Lux. A dimmer illumination would be produced if the same 1,000 lumens were spread out over five, then or more square metres.

For example: A 500 Lumen light source illuminates 1 square meter with 500 Lux. The same light source that needs to illuminate 10 square meters, which illuminates this area with only 50 Lux.

The specific calculation table can refer to the link: Lux to lumens calculator

How Many Lumens or Lux do Stadium Lighting Need?

Football Court

Dimensions: 100x64M

Reqiure lux standards Lumens
75-100lux for recreational and training court ≥480,000lm
200-300lux for club level ≥1,280,000 lm
1000lux for national and international events ≥6,400,000 lm

Reference link for Football Soccer Field lighting design: Football Field Lighting Guide

Tennis Court

Dimensions: 23.77X10.97M

Reqiure lux standards Lumens
250lux for recreational and training court ≥65,200lm
350lux for club level ≥91,300 lm
450lux for national and international events ≥117,400,000 lm

Reference link for Tennis Court lighting design: Tennis Court Lighting Guide

Basketball Court

Dimensions: 28x15M

Reqiure lux standards Lumens
200lux for recreational and training court ≥84,200lm
2000lux for NBA and FIBA World Cup ≥840,000 lm

Reference link for Basketball Court lighting design: Basketball Court Lighting Guide

Lumens and Watts

Measuring lumens and watts is also important to calculate the amount of lumens required for stadium lighting. It would involve the measuring of the amount of electricity that is produced by a light source. For example, a 100watt bulb would consume hundred watts of electricity for each second that it is turned on. The higher the wattage the more you would need to pay for electricity as more electricity would be consumed.


MECREE is a stadium lighting manufacturer from china, our company provides stadium lights wattage ranges from 100W to 5000W. According to the light efficiency of 150lm/W, the lumen range provided by a single light is 15,000lm to 750,000lm.


So, when you are looking for led stadium lightings, MECREE is a company that will provide stadium lighting solution and full range stadium lights. It has proven to be the top one company for all types of LED stadium lights. To get the best stadium lighting, welcome to contact Mecree team via [email protected] for stadium lights informations.

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