Several Important Factors of Lighting Design for Ski Resort

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In winter, more and more people will choose to ski at night as an outdoor sport, because the night is not so dazzling, but what factors need to be considered in the lighting design of the ski resort at night? Let’s take a look at the important factors needing attention in lighting design of ski resort.
1.Uniformity of illumination. There is no need to ensure that all surfaces receive uniform illumination. In fact, terrain can improve visibility by inhomogeneity in the standard parameters of directional light and illumination. Semi-directional lighting can provide shadows and models that help to see ski slopes clearly.

2. Weather. Foggy weather is very common in ski resorts, so it may be necessary to increase the minimum vertical illumination to 3lx. This can compensate for snowy or foggy weather conditions.

3. Site measurement. The site should be identified when there is normal snow on the slope, but only when the weather is clear.
4. Lamp aiming direction. Usually as a function of the width, curvature and slope of the ski slope, the led floodlights aiming direction is usually downhill (the direction of the skier). Specific slope conditions and layout may require some lamps to be aligned to other locations. Care must be taken when aiming to reduce the chance of glare.

5. Effective lamp pole height. The effective lamp pole height is used to determine the longitudinal spacing. On the slope, the effective lamp pole height includes the lamp pole height on the snow surface, the snow depth and the vertical deviation between the lamp poles.
6.Net height of lamp post. The net height of the lamp pole should be determined according to the coverage requirements, beam, topography and other special conditions of illuminating the slope. Usually, the rod is at least 7.6m (25ft) above the snow.

Low Temperature Resistant and Snow-proof Ski Resort LED Floodlights

The most important problem faced by ski resort lights and LED floodlights is whether they can withstand snow, wind, freezing and other environments. The fact is that MECREE lamps can work between – 40 ℃ and 60 ℃, and we can provide you with the corresponding – 40 degrees Celsius low temperature test report, which is more than enough for outdoor ski resorts or general outdoor environment.

Because ski ramp lights may encounter harsh weather conditions, such as freezing rain and gusts. In order to avoid the extreme weather attack on the ski lights, Mecree ski lights with IP66 protection. To sum up, Mecree’s floodlights are perfect for outdoor ski resorts or other low-temperature environments. They are durable and don’t have to worry about later maintenance.

MECREE Ski Lights Advantage

Precise projection of light to a given area through advanced lighting distribution and custom-made ski lights.
Compared with traditional floodlights, 65% energy saving is achieved for ski resorts.
On 36 slopes, 2 topographic parks and a crescent ski track area, strict glare control is achieved, and overall illumination and evenness of night venues are improved.
Ten-year super-long quality assurance, zero cost of later maintenance, escorted by the professional and technical team of Mecree, the owners have no worries at all.
Optimized structure, electrical and lighting components, excellent performance and long service life.
However, due to different venues and different needs, if you need more professional advice before purchasing, please send an email to, will reply to you wihtin 24 hours, providing you with feasible suggestions and free solutions.

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