Naval home in Seattle, America

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Address: In Seattle
The layout of lights: According to the different positions, the lights were arranged in two, three, four and five rows respectively, the height is 45m
Light source: ULTRA-SPORT 2000W, the normal model were 320pcs , the hot start model were 215pcs.

Lighting index:
Average horizontal illumination: 2500lux
Average vertical illumination: 2000lux
CCT: 4200K

Comments: This stadium is for the baseball field, it used the way of light tower to arrange the lights. What we we should pay attention to is that The light tower is different from the traditional one, now the length is longer and it has both the characteristics of light belt and light tower. With 535pcs ULTRA-SPORT 2000W, it was accepted that it reached 2000lux, but the color temperature was lower. Anyway, it met the demands of standard stadium.

Light replacement:
Mecree Led is high light efficiency 160lm/w, 1pcs 1000w can replace 2pcs MHD 2000w, that is to say, 267pcs Mecree 1000w replace all 535pcs ULTRA-SPORT 2000W, save more than 80% energy for you each year. Besides, according to Tv requirements, the range from 5000k to 6000k is best which can be offered by Mecree led.
If you want to know how many quantities of your field need, or how much cost can be saved, pls feel free to contact [email protected].

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