Municipal Stadium (stadium Municipal de Toulouse)

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Location: Built on an island in the Garonne, 15 meters from the airport
Architectural features: It’s like an oval, a rugby field

Architect: Pierre Ferret
Scale: can hold 37000 audiences (In 1998)
The major competition which was held: 1998 FIFA World Cup
The layout of lights: Four corner of the lighthouses + 8 side light poles, the lighthouse is 36m high and tilted 40°, and the lighthouse frame extends out to the stands.
Light source of lamps: MVF406 / MHD1800W: 208 sets
Lighting index:
Average horizontal luminosity: 2100lux
Average vertical luminosity: 1500lux
Color Temperature(CCT): 5600 k
Color Rendering Index(CRI): Ra>90

Comments: The design is unique in that the four-corner cloth lamp is combined with the the side eight tower cloth lamp, which is rare in stadium lighting design. Using 208 MVF406-1800w floodlights, the economy is very prominent.
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