MECREE (Shenzhen Green Light New Energy Co., Ltd.) attended the AsiaWorld-Expo

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Do you want to do the best lighting design for your project?
Do you want to know what lights are used in the World Cup football field lighting project?
Do you want to know how to keep LED lights maintenance cost be minimized?
Do you want to have high lumen output, super brightness high power LED sports lights?
Do you want to a powerful supplier can provide a whole series service including solution, lights, cable, poles and so on?
Do you still worry the spillover light affect the surrounding of sports lighting?

MECREE(Shenzhen Green Light New Energy Co., Ltd.)attended the AsiaWorld-Expo(Hongkong international outdoor and technical exhibition) 26th Oct 2017 – 29th Oct 2017.

We almost visit to lighting fair each year, because the designing and technical in led lighting fields are upgrading very fast, MECREE devote ourself to high power led lighting solution, such as dialux football field, baseball field, racecourse courts, tennis courts, area dimming lighting, high mast lighting.

Most high power led fitting have a big problem that the led chip junction is very high, such as the central temperature is over 230℃, however the temperature from the housing body only has 48℃. So the most high temperature are focus on the central of the chips, it will reduce the lifespan seriously. We disclose the testing data directly as below.

If you need more info about the technical and lighting solutions, feel free email or call us right now.

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