LED Stadium Lighting – Critical Elements Of sports venues

93 Published by admin 12 16,2019

LED sports lighting always play an important role in the improving fans’ experience during the sports events. And it is one of critical elements of first-class sports venues. Because of the high cost of operation cost, energy saving and maintenance reduction is very attractive in these large sports venues. But the light quality is real key when it comes to high output LED sports light.

A great lighting system does more than illuminate the sports field. Nowadays, with the development of society, the stadiums not only be capable of hosting various competitions and cultural performances, but also different types of shows and concerts. The stadium is divided into main stadiums and general stadiums, which usually include Badminton hall, table tennis hall, volleyball hall, tennis court, basketball court and other venues and supporting functional areas. And these fields have different luminance and effect requirements. This is not only the choice of lamps and light sources, but also the choice of the control system and how to arrange the coordination of various parts of the lighting, accurately expressing the lighting requirements of various competitions. Below is one of the multi-function arena project we’ve done in Germany, which used our GL-FL-400W with DMX control system.

And Mecree LED sports light has been installed in 2016 FIFA World Cup Beva Stadium.

2022 FIFA World Cup is coming soon. Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) is responsible for 2022 FIFA World Cup™ host country planning and operations. It has been announced on 9th that Khalifa International Stadium, Qatar's national football stadium, will host the semi-finals and final of the FIFA Club World Cup, which gets underway this week.

Hosting a large international sports competition is the honor of a stadium or even a country. How to improve your stadium lighting to reach the level of international competition? Welcome to contact our professional design team to learn more about lighting design.

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