LED lights replace LED lights?

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With the improvement of LED ( light Emitting Diode ) lighting over the past several years we can now have the confidence to replace the old style HID( Metal Halide and SON ) floodlights. This types of floodlighting has served us well in the past but due to high running costs and maintenance are now set to join the history books. Inefficient lamps are slowly being phased out to make way for more energy efficient lighting solutions. It is only a matter of time before the 1 -2Kw Metal Halide lamps follow suit.

Along with many councils, more and more sports clubs are changing to LED lighting because it is cost effective over the long term. People who are looking for a cheaper initial outlay will still opt for Metal Halide but often clubs are not looking at the long term benefits of LED.

In the past LED lighting has been scarred with cheap imports striving to be first to market. More and more people focus on high-power LED lighting, due to the product is damaged in a short time, or the desired effect is not achieved after installation, etc. These often become the biggest problems. Need to replace the lights again, that is to say, LED lights replace LED lights in title.

Here is a case: “A Russian customer came to us for the baseball field lights. In fact they have completed this baseball field project one month ago, but did not meet their expected illumination requirements. Although their supplier promised to resend some lamps to them, adding some lamps was still a big problem for them. They told us the poles The light poles are newly designed and installed, no space to install the extra lights, also there is a big problem for the cables. That’s why they came to us.”

From the photo we can see right side high glare, Low uniformity. They have to replace all the lights, because the pole is not allowed to add more lights. They hired some workers and equipment took off all the lights, and replaced some cables. Forget about all these costs, because they were unable to deliver the project as scheduled, their competition could not be held as scheduled, and they faced a series of compensations and complaints. Their reputation has been severely damaged.

I believe most people have not considered this issue, what to do if the requirements are not met after the project is completed? Before the project starts, we have to consider this issue. How important it is to choose a reliable supplier than the product.

We have made baseball field floodlight DIALux simulation design according to customer requirements:

Poles number: 6
Poles height: 22 meter
Baseball light fixture: GL-SPL-1000W 50 pcs
Average lux: 452

Click here for more information about GL-SPL Series LED Stadium Lights.

Below is the feedback from customers after the project is completed:
“We did install the lights, and it looks great. My best comments to you so far. However we are still testing it and I can give you more detailed comments when the winter comes, and if it goes well, we will make next order in the up coming future”.

You may ask how MECREE handles glare??? —–Secondary Optical Design

What is the Secondary Optical Design? This is our newest optical technology specialized in the large stadium and long-distance lighting. The common optical on the market used only Reflection Cup and it will be straight light and too much unwanted afterglow. MECREE secondary optical are Aluminum optical reflective cup+ Secondary Optical Lenses and High permeability reinforced tempered glass protection. The secondary light distribution design is adopted to minimize the spill light and glare, The linear light is used many times to effectively reduce the residual light and enhance the central light intensity more than 5 times.

MECREE focuses on sports lighting, It’s one thing to be able to produce high-power LED lights, it’s another thing to be able to do a good project. MECREE provides one-stop service, for any project, please feel free to contact [email protected], or click here.

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