LED Lights and Insects

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In life, we often see insects where there is light. Studies show that different insects can see light at different wavelengths. We can’t articulate their vision. Few researchers have observed bugs that are attracted to lower wavelengths of light, and some that are trapped in larger wavelengths. That’s how insects find food on earth.

Let’s look at how insects are attracted to light, and are they attracted to LED lights?

Color is also important because it attracts different kinds of insects. The scientists gave their experimental observations, which showed that insects could perceive colors at different wavelengths, some with shorter wavelengths of less than 550 nm (uv) and some with wavelengths of more than 550 nm. The error is greater for shorter wavelengths (UV light) than for longer wavelengths of visible light. Ultraviolet rays can interfere with insects.

How do LED lights repel insects?

LED lights emit very little ultraviolet light, making them invisible or less visible to flies and mosquitoes. So whatever the wavelength is less than 550 nm or larger, LED lights have less visibility to bugs.
Some bugs have heat receptors, which means they’re attracted to hot lamps. They can perceive visible and warm light because they have the sensation of seeing light. Incandescent bulbs emit visible light and waste energy in the form of almost 90% heat, attracting more bugs toward them, while LED lights don’t emit longer wavelengths of light and don’t dissipate heat, which helps it repel bugs near it. All LED lights emit less heat, which attracts fewer bugs. So, obviously, there are no bugs near the LED lights.

Insects are attracted by ultraviolet lights

LED lights which emit light in warmer colors, have been designed to reduce the appeal of insects. Such LED lights attract insects and electrocute them to death. Therefore, it should be concluded that the area around the LED lights do not have insects because it emits very little ultraviolet light. If you want to get rid of bugs, you should take some practical steps to install warm color temperature LED lights. In this way, you can get an insect-free environment. As a result, LED lights work much better than regular incandescent or halogen bulbs.


Mecree LED floodlights not only have the advantages of ordinary LED lights that do not attract bugs, but also have special production technology and patented design, which avoid the bad phenomenon of bugs entering lamp in some lamps on the market. As a result, it has an extremely long service life, and there is no need to worry about the possible maintenance problems after bugs get into the lamps.

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