LED Lighting Solutions for Natatoriums and Indoor Swimming Pools

523 Published by admin 03 27,2020

Natatoriums and indoor swimming pools create unique lighting challenges. The presence of a large surface of water can create tremendous glare, and the water in the air can prematurely corrode the lighting, leading to early failure of lamps and lights. MECREE LED Luminaires provide a solution that overcomes both challenges, all while providing comfortable lighting that is easy on the eyes.

LED Luminaires Designed for Wet Environments

MECREE LED Luminaires are designed specifically for the demands of a wet, warm environment, which is common in natatoriums. These lights have undergone salt spray and corrosive testing and passed with flying colors, making them a workable solution for use oceanside. This means they are also well equipped to light indoor aquatic environments as well. They meet and exceed both National and International Standards for waterfront lighting, so they are a safe and effective option for indoor swimming pools and natatoriums as well.

In addition, indoor swimming environments are often warm, and LED lighting is notorious for early failure due to excessive heat. MECREE LED Luminaires address this problem with a Proprietary Cross Ventilation Thermal Management System. With continuous air flow across the Luminaire’s critical electronic components, MECREE LED products are able to withstand the dangers of a warm environment, equaling substantially longer life spans.

Instantly-On, Efficient Lighting for Swimming Pools

When you install MECREE LED Luminaires in your swimming pool, you benefit from the instant-on nature of these luminaires. The moment you switch the lights “on” you receive the full brightness you expect from your lighting. This improves the safety and comfort of all who use your facility. The lights are also highly efficient, lowering energy bills by as much as 83 percent.

Improved Visual Experiences in Natatoriums

With MECREE LED Luminaires, you never have to worry about glare bouncing off the surface of the water and interfering with the experience of swimmers and spectators. This is because the luminaires have a glare-free design that eliminates virtually all glare (UGR<19). They also accurately render colors, so spectators can clearly spot the swimmer they are cheering for while swimmers can see lane markers with greater clarity (CRI>90).


Click here for more information about GL-SFL Series LED Sports Field Lights.

Improve the look and efficiency of the lighting for your indoor swimming environment or natatorium. Make the switch to MECREE LED Luminaires today!

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