LED Fishing boat light buying guidance

759 Published by admin 06 01,2023

Traditional fishing boat lamp

  1. The traditional fish lamp is generally 1500W/2000W halogen lamp bulb, characterized by high power and light weight.
  2. The disadvantages are also very obvious, the power consumption is too high, and the loss of diesel is too large.
  3. The range is relatively close, can not achieve directional projection, glare is large, affecting the fishermen’s operation.
  4. Single glass is easy to damage, increase the user’s use cost, encounter strong wind weather, will produce a certain risk.
  5. The production of ultraviolet light will cause damage to human skin and eyes to a certain extent.
  6. The temperature is too high, and it is difficult for fishermen to get close to the light bulb when working, so it hinders the hauling action.
  7. The start time is slow, and it takes time to preheat, resulting in decreased efficiency.
  8. Can not adapt to the modern dimming system, can not meet the actual needs of fishermen.

Other led fish boat lights

  1. Linear power supply, cheap, but poor stability.
  2. Domestic packaged light source, light decay fast, short life .                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  3. The use of fan heat dissipation, can not adapt to the harsh environment of strong winds at sea, the fan is bad, causing the lamp beads to burn out.
  4. No lens design, only astigmatism on the surface of seawater, lack of directional projection function.
  5. The total price is cheap, but the customer feedbacks that some lamps will be damaged every time they go to sea and return, increasing the replacement cost.
  6. You need to stop working for half an hour, otherwise the lamp will be directly damaged and cannot maintain efficient work efficiency.
  7. High working power, but low light efficiency, so it can not directly save costs for customers.
  8. The dimming system is unstable, and the remaining 30% of the power will be directly extinguished, which can not meet the needs of customers.
  9. Just lit is the power will go to about 1000W, but after stabilization, because of the defects of the cooling system, the power will gradually decline, but the power consumption is still the same as the original.
  10. The warranty time is short and cannot guarantee the interests of customers.


MECREE led Fish boat Light:

  1. The special design of all-aluminum shell and air flow heat dissipation structure ensures the rapid diffusion of heat and improves the life and reliability of lamps.
  2. The use of brand high-power light source, light efficiency up to 160LM/W, lamp life up to 80,000 hours, more energy efficient.
  3. IP67 full protection grade design, lamps can work reliably in water and any harsh environment.Seawater hitting the surface of the lamp will not cause any impact.
  4. Integrated die-cast aluminum shell, surface oxidation treatment, beautiful appearance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, can work stably under the corrosion of seawater for a long time.
  5. Professional lens design, 15/20/30/60/40*85 Angle to choose from, can be installed separately.You can choose a smaller Angle if you want to take a farther or deeper view.To increase your line of sight, choose a wide Angle.
  6. Absolute energy saving, according to customer feedback, due to the quality of our chip, the lens has been designed for directional casting.The 350W lamps can achieve a higher brightness than the old lamps 2000W, and there is no glare, which brings great convenience to the staff’s operation.
  7. Strong support design to ensure that the lamp will not be damaged by the impact of seawater.Or because of the influence of the sea wind fall is dangerous.After wind testing, our lamp handles are designed to withstand the impact of a category 17 typhoon and remain intact.
  8. Variety of color temperatures.We can customize the color temperature of 2700-6500K for customers, and have customized a variety of RGB colors to ensure the different needs of customers.Customized according to the needs of different fish, it can also be used as lighting needs, to cope with fog or other bad weather.
  9. Intelligent control, we can provide customers with 0-10V, DALI system and DMX system can only control, so that the lights of the whole ship can travel a kind of effect work, can attract fish and also contribute to saving energy.
  10. The overall stability of the lamp is strong, the service life is long, the frequency of maintenance and replacement is reduced, and the cost of purchase and maintenance installation is saved for the user.
  11. Air convection cooling system design, the overall temperature is low, even when the body is in direct contact with the lamp during stable work, it will not feel the harm of high temperature, to ensure the safety of fishermen.
  12. No light on the back, reducing the damage to the glasses caused by glare similar to traditional light bulbs, making the activities on board more relaxed and free.
  13. Big brand power drive, strong stability, no stroboscopic phenomenon, can continue to work for 12 hours uninterrupted.
  14. Instant on and instant off, improve work efficiency, do not need to wait for preheating, also save diesel costs.
  15. Even if the power supply is damaged, it will not affect the entire lamp, and the entire lamp does not need to be removed for maintenance, only the driver needs to be replaced.Convenient and efficient, reducing the time cost during maintenance.


Basic principle of fish boat light in water:

1. Some fish are phototaxis, so imitating the sun or other colors of light at night can attract fish and then catch them, which greatly increases the fishermen’s output value.Scientific and technological research shows that all members of the social food chain are sensitive to blue and green colors.This happens because water absorbs longer wavelengths (Mobley 1994;Hou, 2013).The color of the water body can develop largely depending on the composition of Marine life, combined with the absorption spectrum of different light in the water.Colored soluble organic matter in the water rapidly absorbs blue light, then turns green, then yellow (decaying exponentially to wavelength), turning the water tan.

2. The light collecting lamp integrates the special light inducement plan by using the phototropism of most fish, which can complete the calling and inducement of fish species in deep water areas and improve the catch quantity during the working time of enterprises. It has especially high economic value.It is used to lure bluefin tuna, squid, puffer fish and mackerel in the northern seaport, the South China Sea and waters off Vietnam, Indonesia and Yemen.The passing rate of anglers is several times to dozens of times larger than usual, and the larger the fish, the greater the amount of disease cause data accepted, and the total number of fish fooled.

3.Some fishermen think the choice of the color of the LED set fish lamp is crucial, while others think it is irrelevant.Scientifically speaking, there are studies that show that either view can be correct.In the case of suitable environmental development conditions, choosing an appropriate color can improve the chances of attracting fish.Many of the properties of light change rapidly with changes in water flow and depth of water.


Choosing us, choosing lamps with high efficiency and perfect effect, MECREE is better professional and guaranteed.
If you have more questions or needs, please send an email to We will reply you within 24 hours.

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