15 Advantages of using LED Lighting in Sports Fields

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15 Advantages of using LED Lighting in Sports Fields


When building a stadium, it is inevitable to plan and design the lighting of the stadium. What are the advantages of LED compared with traditional metal halide, HPS or mercury vapor lamps? Compared with those, LED stadium lights not only save electricity, but also are environmentally friendly. LED stadium lights have a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

So, what exactly are stadium lights? What are the advantages of LED sports lighting?


1. LED lighting is more energy-efficient, greatly reducing the operating costs of sports stadium

Most stadiums use 2000W metal halide lamps, and the light effect of metal halide lamps is about 70 lumens per watt. The light effect of LED stadium lights is about 160 lumens per watt, which means that 800W LED stadium lights can completely replace 2000W metal halide lamps.

Lighting plays a very important role in the overall energy cost of the stadium, and the cost savings are enormous. Compared to metal halide lighting, LED sports lighting can save up to 70-80% of costs.

2. Save on Maintenance Costs

The service life of LED sports lighting is much longer than traditional lighting, at least four to five times that of traditional lighting, because metal halides and other old lights age rapidly.

After about six months, over 20% of the lumen output of metal halide  lights will be lost due to aging, and their lifespan is only about 3 years. It will still consume the same amount of energy, which means its efficiency is decreasing and the actual light you receive from that energy is decreasing.

3. Flicker Free Lighting

LED sports lighting flicker-free. This cycle is so fast that the human eye can only see a large amount of light from the lamp. It is very suitable for TV cameras using HDTV technology with 4K and 8K chips. Even with slow motion playback, there is no visible amount of flicker.

Even standard smartphones and home cameras do not flash, so sports fans can enjoy clear, high-quality images and videos. Unlike the old lighting that still exists, flashing stadium lights using metal halides and high-pressure sodium are obvious. Especially for TV cameras that flicker during slow motion playback.

4. High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Whether you’re watching an event live or on TV, you want and need everything to be visible. LED lighting will keep you clear from day one and every day after that. This is not the case with traditional lighting. For example, with sodium vapor lamps, the color rendering index — it might be fine at first, but it starts to change very quickly.

5. Environmental Friendly


The world is promoting environmental protection. LED sports lamps are more environmentally friendly, this is another area where LED sports flood lighting outperforms traditional lighting.

Their reduced energy demand means less CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

When LEDs finally reach the end of their useful life, they can be fully recycled, contributing to a circular economy. They also do not contain any toxic, environmentally harmful materials that would be found in any other form of lighting.

6. No spill light

Light pollution is also a matter of special concern, especially the house near the stadium. If you have ever walked through a large sports stadium, you will understand the reason – spill light. Even if a reflector is used to aim light at the desired area, the old lighting system still emits a large amount of bright light towards the surroundings.

7. Impact resistance

The worst possible scenario for a standard sports light is a direct impact of the ball. No matter how well made, the internal filament will immediately break due to violent impact. Due to the design of LED lights, this will not be a problem.

The light emitted by LEDs has indeed replaced the old lighting methods. Nevertheless, LED lights do have a protective cover made of polycarbonate lens material. When balls such as tennis, cricket, squash, English football, and American football are hit, they will not affect the LED lights. They will continue to work as before, without any flickering and almost resistant to impact.

8. Dimming function

During non-competition periods, the brightness can be adjusted to 50% for entertainment, which can save a lot of electricity bills

9. IP66 for all weather conditions

Can work in the rain or bad weather, even if the weather is bad, they can operate normally and still provide excellent lighting. Outdoor sports such as football are often played in cloudy and rainy weather.

10. Instant on / off

LED stadium lights have no warm-up time, which is very suitable for competition, which saves a lot of electricity costs.

11. Different lighting level selection

For football field lights, by having different lighting levels for matches and training.

12. Can be used normally in ice and snow weather.

13. Will not generate a large amount of heat like halogen lamps or metal halide lamps.

14. Long lifespan.

15. No ultraviolet rays

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15 Advantages of using LED Lighting in Sports Fields

15 Advantages of using LED Lighting in Sports Fields   When building a stadium, it is inevi...

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