High Mast Lighting in South Africa GL-FL-500W

1,081 Published by admin 07 10,2018

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High Mast Lighting in South Africa GL-FL-500W

Mecree 6pcs 500W LED lights as led high mast lighting be used to replace 1000w metal halide lamps which were installed on 35m high mast, IP67 waterproof outdoor flood lights.
Our customer installed 6pcs 500W LED lights(GL-FL-500W) provided by Mecree on 30m high mast along railway in the coal terminal of the Richards Bay Port.
As a test for safety and security in one year, our customer share with us that all 6pcs lights of another supplier already fail completely, but Mecree led lights still shinning very well.
Because Mecree led high mast lighting with the best cooling system make sure the long lifespan.
From the large number of applicants finally a product of the manufacturer Mecree was selected and installed in this stadium.
They used our 500w waterproof outdoor flood lights to replace 1000w metal halide lamps, by doing so they reduced energy consumption by 74%, significantly increased light levels/spread, and virtually eliminated lighting maintenance for the next 20+ years.

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