800W LED Floodlight for Hockey field in Chile

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Do you still worry the spillover light affect the surrounding of sports lighting?
Do you still worry will stadium lighting have a strong glare affecting the game?
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Hockey field in Chile-800w

800W LED Floodlight for Hockey field in Chile

Basic info:
Size of hockey field:91.4*55m
Qty of old luminaires: 32pcs 2000W metal halide
Height: 8pcs 18M pole
Average illuminance required: 300lux
Installation date: Oct. 2015
Product Used: 800W led hockey field lighting
– Using 32pcs 800W led hockey field lighting ht (GL-FL-800W)
– Beam Angle: 60°
– CCT of LED light: 5700K
– Average illuminance: 350lux

Our customer installed 14pcs 800W LED led hockey field lighting (GL-FL-800W) provided by Mecree side by side with their 2000w metal halide fixtures for testing first.
And after testing, our customer sent the feedback that the result is amazing and wonderful, then they purchased again and installed 18 pcs 800w LED Floodlight not 1000w LED Floodlight
to replace the rest metal halide lamps.

By making the decision to use LED technology, they are now enjoying clean and clear bright light illuminating their sports field all while using over 70% less electricity compared to traditional light sources.

And they are playing under the highest quality stadium lighting on the market, allowing for excellent flicker-free HD filming and better visibility of the game for players and fans alike.

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