MECREE star product GL-SPL Series LED Stadium Lights

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In recent years, with the development and maturity of LED technology, LED lamps are more and more popular in the field of lighting.In the field of sports lighting, due to industry segmentation and high degree of specialization, only a few enterprises have introduced LED lamps for sports venues. LED lighting technology surpasses the traditional metal halide lamps in terms of energy saving, service life, installation and maintenance, intelligent application and lighting quality, and has a broad application prospect in the field of sports lighting.

Complying with the high standards of modern sports stadium and fied lighting, we have introduced star products with four innovative features SPL series LED stadium lights.

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Innovative feature 1: innovative solution to glare

Independent tempered glass optical material lens, accurate light distribution, effective suppression of glare and scattered light.After each beam passes through a separate lens, the lens conducts scientific light processing on each beam, and brings out consistent, uniform and beautiful light pattern. The beam is more cohesive and has a longer irradiation range.

stadium lights

Not only to solve the problem of glare on the optical elements, the SPL series stadium lights is also equipped with a professional anti-spillage cover, which can effectively control the spillage and avoid light pollution. In addition, the anti-spillage cover can be used to condense the light, so that the Angle of illumination of the spillage can be converted into the place that needs irradiation, which can fully improve the utilization rate of the light and prevent light pollution.It will minimize the light pollution to the surrounding environment, greatly reduce the light outside the site, avoid the light overflow to the surrounding places, and also provide athletes and spectators with a more comfortable and safe atmosphere for competition and viewing.

Innovative feature 2: high quality and professional optical design

stadium lights

SPL series LED stadium lights adopt LED chips with high digital, high color fidelity and no stroboscopic features, which can meet the requirements of 4K, 6K, 8K and HDTV broadcast, greatly improving the audience’s experience of watching games and the quality of TV broadcast.The total luminous flux of SPL series of stadium lights reaches the leading level of the industry, and the professional lighting Angle of narrow, medium and wide is introduced, which can meet the light distribution requirements of different venues.At the same time, professional optical design can effectively reduce the overflow light, low glare, avoid light pollution, and more in line with HDTV relay lighting standards.

Innovative feature 3: high efficiency and energy saving

SPL series LED stadium lights can with the ratio of 1:2 to replace power metal halide lamp, energy saving of 60% or more, at the same time reduce the power distribution system, installation of auxiliary materials consumption, the service life of the whole lamp can reach more than 60000 hours, 10 years maintenance free, compared with the average life expectancy is only 3000 ~ 5000 hours of metal halide light source, greatly reduces the maintenance frequency of lamps and lanterns, saving maintenance costs. At the same time, the traditional metal halide lamp takes too long to start, and it will take 30 minutes to restore lighting after the venue is accidentally cut off and the power supply is restored. The LED lamp can be turned on and lighting up, completely avoiding the problem of long-time match interruption caused by accidental power failure.

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Innovative feature 4: advanced heat dissipation structure design

Heat dissipation is the key factor to determine the life and stability of high power LED lamps. For this model, Mecree after independently researched and produced high-purity oxygen-free copper as raw material, this special heat conduction tube heat transfer coefficient up to 300,000 w/mk, which is the world’s fastest superconducting material. Moreover, each COB center has its own independent super heat pipe at the bottom, so the heat can be taken out at the same time. The new superconducting heat pipe and fins riveting patented technology: effective contact area, riveting firm, low thermal resistance, faster thermal conductivity.
Patented technology for uniform temperature structure: the heat of the COB light source is rapidly transmitted to each heat sink at 360 degrees, and heat exchange is fully performed with the space environment to achieve rapid cooling.

stadium lights

With the rise of national sports, sports lighting has become an important factor influencing the perfect presentation of all kinds of sports events.As a market pioneer of high-end sports lighting, we will continue to promote the research and development and innovation of LED sports lighting products, focus on building energy-saving and efficient sports lighting, and make continuous efforts for the development of sports lighting industry.
stadium lights

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