DPES Sign Expo Guangzhou 2018 Let the World Meet a Different MECREE

722 Published by admin 08 01,2018

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DPES Sign Expo Guangzhou 2018
On March 3-6, 2018, the 18th DPES Sign Expo China was successfully held at Pazhou Poly World Trade Center Expo. The scale of this exhibition has reached a record high, reaching 80,000 square meters. There are more than 1,000 domestic and foreign exhibitors. The four-day exhibition received a total of more than 40,000 professional buyers at home and abroad. MECREE, as a new friend who made its first attending at the DPES, bringing with high power LED floodlight, LED stadium light, and new trend LED sport light, has made a difference to the people of the world.
In this DPES, MECREE can be said to have come prepared, regardless of the type of LED floodlight display or design, have reached a unique ingenuity.
MECREE’s booth is located in Hall 2 of the first floor of the LED screen display and light source exhibition. Photoelectric industry famous brands gathered to showcase the latest LED screen display and luminous technology products, colorful, dynamic, and high resolution screen. Make the scene a large number of customers dizzying. In front of the MECREE booths, customers from all over the world came to an endless stream and praised our high power LED stadium light for their exquisite appearance and good performance.
From the first day of the exhibition, MECREE booths attracted many foreign guests to consult. Not only are we familiar with African foreign guests and Brazilian foreign guests, but there are also some foreign guests from Europe and the United States and foreign guests from Southeast Asia.
In fact, this DPES is interesting, and we meet together, not only as a work, but also more like an agreement, an agreement about MECREE and the people of the world. Under the agreement, MECREE will meet the world as scheduled LED. It’s different! This is the reason I have always insisted, and I will continue to work hard.
Finally, this DPES came to a successful conclusion on March 6. At the same time, MECREE’s participation in the exhibition has also come to an end. Thanks to customers and partners who have always trusted MECREE and supported MECREE. In the future, MECREE will continue to develop with more high-quality high power LED sport light fixtures and professional services to solve the lighting needs around the world, achieve symbiotic and win-win!

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