The 2018 Canton Fair (Spring Edition): MECREE Brings New Products and Attacks with Strength

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2018 Canton Fair Spring MECREE
On April 15th, the 123th Canton Fair in the spring of 2018 officially kicked off at the Pazhou Exhibition Center in Guangzhou. The exhibition attracted much attention from the industry and attracted more than 20,000 exhibitors from different countries and regions. It is reported that this year’s Canton Fair has exhibited 16 major categories of merchandise, and has set up 51 exhibition areas with 59,083 booths, including 11,925 brand booths and 47,558 general booths.
As a leading company in the LED industry for high power sport lighting, MECREE has taken private mode high power LED sport light to show off at this Canton Fair, sharing the experience of “high power cooling system” with the public and attracting attention from many LED industry engineers and customers.
2018 Canton Fair Spring Edition MECREE led floodlights
According to the practice of previous years, the current Canton Fair was divided into three phases. The first phase lasted from April 15th to 19th. The product categories include electronics and home appliances, lighting, vehicles and accessories, machinery, hardware tools, building materials, chemical products and energy. As a high power LED flood light manufacturer in Shenzhen, MECREE has always been committed to creating differentiated high-power stadium lights. Its products are particularly popular in the abroad market. Serve high-powered stadium lights (GL-FL series) to the 2016 Women’s World Cup in PNG , 2017 Poland Cricket Ground in South Africa, 2018 The African Senior Track and Field Championships and so on. With the opportunity of this session of the Canton Fair, MECREE exhibited a new round of high power LED sport light in 2018. Its unique and novel appearance, looks more textured and high-end under the shadow of the scene light. Inexhaustible, make the visitors from home and abroad LED industry stop.
conton fair mecree floodlight
Looking at the development of MECREE over the past few years, the introduction of new and high technologies, the continuous listing of high-quality products, and the rising popularity of customers, this is closely related to the pursuit of quality by MECREE. At the Canton Fair, the lighting effect and cooling system of the MECREE high power LED flood light also attracted a lot of attention and was highly praised by the merchants, reflecting the strong strength of MECREE in light distribution and heat dissipation.
mecree expo floodlight
The exhibition of the first phase of the 123rd Canton Fair in the spring of 2018 has come to an end. MECREE will continue to demonstrate the strength of the company with stable-quality products, accelerate the construction of the global supply chain service system, and broaden the market with mature technologies and solid quality.
mecree flood light fair

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